XMPP Service Operators - 2019-04-17

  1. jjrh

    Douglas Terabyte, there is a IETF document about implementing SIP and XMPP https://datatracker.ietf.org/group/stox/documents/

  2. jjrh

    A client that does SIP + XMPP would be really nice. Everything that exists at the moment is proprietary.

  3. jjrh

    I have been meaning to play with asterisks webrtc stuff and do something like a converse plugin.

  4. jjrh

    Web clients aren't ideal but do make some things less painful.

  5. Link Mauve

    jjrh, Jitsi started as a SIP client and gained XMPP support many years ago.

  6. Link Mauve

    It still does both.

  7. jjrh

    ahh I thought it was more geared for jingle

  8. Link Mauve

    It does either.

  9. jjrh

    Neat. I'll have to try it out.

  10. jjrh

    technically the phone on my desk does xmpp and sip 😂

  11. diane

    A phone does xmpp?

  12. diane

    Which one?

  13. Link Mauve

    diane, from what I gathered at the Summit, most hardware SIP phones already do.

  14. diane

    Huh. I guess I only have an ancient grandstream in my closet

  15. diane

    Some of the newer grandstreams look like they can use xmpp or smtp to let you know there is/was a call