XMPP Service Operators - 2019-05-06

  1. tom

    Anybody run ejabberd?

  2. bowlofeggs

    tom: me

  3. tom

    how many users do you have bowlofeggs ?

  4. bowlofeggs

    Very few, maybe 5-7. Not for business

  5. tom

    Why did you choose ejabberd over other server software bowlofeggs ?

  6. bowlofeggs

    tom: it was years ago so I don't recall all the analysis, but I liked that it was easy to deploy and had good support for various XEPs, and that it is active

  7. bowlofeggs

    I can't say I did an extremely thorough analysis, but I've been running it for years and it works great

  8. bowlofeggs

    I actually maintain the ejabberd package in fedora now too

  9. tom

    sure. I Understand that. But would you say Prosody fulfills those of at least being easy to deploy and having good XEP support now?

  10. tom

    I'm not sure how Prosody was years ago, As I've only recently been hosting my own XMPP

  11. bowlofeggs

    I haven't tried prosody so can't comment on its deployment ease, but I'd expect it also checks the xep and activeness boxes

  12. bowlofeggs

    As a programmer I do think that Erlang is a pretty great choice for a messaging server too

  13. bowlofeggs

    It's a language that specializes in that

  14. bowlofeggs

    So that was attractive too

  15. bowlofeggs

    I'm not an Erlang programmer myself, but I appreciate "right tool for the job" thinking

  16. tom

    really? I'm not faimiler with Erlang, but Prosody being written in Lua, I know that Lua is certainly not the fastest language in the world, about on par with Python, albeit slightly less hand holding and more flexability, it certainly fast enough for most things and more than adequate for hosting at least a couple hundred users

  17. tom

    sorta how C is certainly fast and flexable, but for some tasks a simple BaSH script is more than adequate

  18. bowlofeggs

    Erlang isn't a fast language either, but it specializes in message passing and distributed computing

  19. bowlofeggs

    It's more that I appreciate the engineering choice behind the decision to go with that language

  20. bowlofeggs

    Erlang makes it easier for applications to scale

  21. bowlofeggs

    Some of the largest messaging networks in the world use Erlang

  22. bowlofeggs

    Iirc tmobiles SMS is all done in erlang

  23. bowlofeggs

    But that's just me appreciating an engineering choice, remember

  24. tom

    I ask because I know someone trying to setup their own XMPP server for themselves and a few friends, and they chose to do that with EjabberD. They seem to be having a lot of trouble doing so, and spending a significant amount of time implementing more XEPs as they find they need them, or even just setting up crypto properly

  25. tom

    coming from a Prosody background, I couldn't see why the choise of ejabberd was made since this person was not trying to host 100,000 users

  26. bowlofeggs

    Ah. Well I personally thought it was pretty straightforward to deploy, but ynmv of course

  27. tom


  28. bowlofeggs

    How did they deploy? Distribution package? From source?

  29. bowlofeggs

    Your mileage may vary

  30. tom

    I don't know

  31. tom

    I mostly deploy my Prosody from OpenBSD

  32. tom

    there's a package for it in OpenBSD

  33. bowlofeggs

    It might be harder if they needed to deploy from source, but if they use a distribution package it should be fairly straightforward id think

  34. bowlofeggs

    The only real effort I put into mine is keeping the fedora package itself up to date, since I'm the maintainer

  35. tom


  36. Licaon_Kter

    tom: > They seem to be having a lot of trouble doing so, and spending a significant amount of time implementing more XEPs as they find they need them, or even just setting up crypto properly They are coding missing XEPs? Which ones?

  37. tom

    I don't think they were coding XEPs themselves, more just enabling features

  38. tom

    again, I didn't ask for details

  39. Jonny

    I installed ejabberd the first time with 18.04, and compared to postfix and dovecot it was easy to setup 😁

  40. Jonny

    It's not as easy as a simple web app with a db but if you just adjust the default config where needed then it's OK

  41. Licaon_Kter

    tom: The out of the box config ( https://github.com/processone/ejabberd/blob/master/ejabberd.yml.example ) should give you close to 100% on compliance.conversations.im

  42. tom

    I'l send them that link

  43. Licaon_Kter

    tom: but then again, if they chose something like aenigma to "ease" their setup and digged themselves a bigger hole....

  44. Medications


  45. Licaon_Kter

    Medications: yo

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