XMPP Service Operators - 2019-05-11

  1. tom

    azure, please explain the issue here

  2. tom

    I can't figure it out

  3. azure

    So! This person and I are trying to talk to each other. I can get messages from his server

  4. azure

    But I can't send messages from my server to his

  5. azure

    Both of us can connect to other people fine

  6. azure

    And the only clue I have is

  7. tom

    Whenever I send messages to fox.blue, I get absolutely zero stanza replies

  8. azure

    s2sout5607b1228c10: s2s connection attempt failed: ssl handshake error: tlsv1 alert decode error

  9. azure

    When my server tries to STARTTLS to his

  10. tom

    however the Prosody log file reports that s2s connection is -> fox.blue [s2sout8d2310b80c0] (authenticated, encrypted)

  11. tom

    I also pass the sslcheck test

  12. tom


  13. azure

    And same for me

  14. tom

    btw, my XMPP server is now connectable cia TOR

  15. tom


  16. tom

    does anybody have a TOR enabled server I could test federation with?

  17. Licaon_Kter

    tom: enabled means what? HS?

  18. FAWAZ


  19. tom

    Licaon_Kter, have mod_onions or mod_darknet

  20. tom


  21. perflyst


  22. tom


  23. perflyst

    what is it, i only know mod_onions do you have a link?