XMPP Service Operators - 2019-07-14

  1. shawn


  2. shawn

    anyone here?

  3. shawn

    how to configure my server that will allow users to register with an email

  4. shawn

    please answer

  5. shawn

    holger and usl if you guys are not bot then answer me

  6. shawn

    ik u all are expert

  7. shawn


  8. Licaon_Kter

    shawn: yo, timezones

  9. shawn

    licaon hello sir

  10. shawn

    licaon did you understand my question sir?

  11. shawn


  12. shawn

    licaon please answer me

  13. lee

    Guys be nice. You need to get or write email client to receive email, parse contents and then call ejabberdctl to add user etc: $ ejabberdctl register testuser1 localhost pass123 User testuser1@localhost succesfully registered $ ejabberdctl add_rosteritem badlop localhost testuser1 localhost TestUser1 Friends none

  14. tom


  15. tom

    How can you campaign against frames and use frames on your front page of your website, and have it framing external content?

  16. reset

    Thats the way

  17. tom

    !last antonwilc0x

  18. tom

    @last antonwilc0x