XMPP Service Operators - 2019-07-20

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  104. EmleyMoor I'm having a problem joining a MUC, in that it seems my server and the one hosting it are just not communicating. Is there any such thing as a "relay" I might use, and how do I find one?
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  106. Holger EmleyMoor: Most probably such public service, no. You tried contacting the remote admin?
  107. EmleyMoor Yes. No response as yet
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  109. Licaon_Kter EmleyMoor: is this your server, you know what the error is?
  110. EmleyMoor My server. Lack of any error, just plain nothing happening when I try to join.
  111. EmleyMoor It's not saying it hasn't worked but it's clearly not working either
  112. Holger You should see at least a lot line for the outgoing connection attempt.
  113. EmleyMoor Yes, but that's it
  114. Licaon_Kter EmleyMoor: up the loglevel
  115. Holger You should see at least a log line for the outgoing connection attempt.
  116. Licaon_Kter What server software?
  117. EmleyMoor ejabberd
  118. Licaon_Kter Loglevel 4 should give you that info
  119. EmleyMoor loglevel already 4
  120. Holger Then it would be interesting to check whether the remote server at least tries to connect back. `[info]` level should show that, yes.
  121. Licaon_Kter Paste such a log line,
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  123. Holger If it doesn't, and if that remote server works with others, chances are it's a Prosody that ran into their "hanging s2s" bug.
  124. EmleyMoor Looks like it just plain times out
  125. EmleyMoor Others can join, though
  126. Holger In that case it would work again after their next restart.
  127. Holger > Looks like it just plain times out You don't see their IP address connecting?
  128. EmleyMoor Write a message…ejabberd.log:2019-07-20 09:12:51.456 [info] <0.5870.0>@ejabberd_s2s_out:init:280 Outbound s2s connection started: firthpark.tinsleyviaduct.com -> muc.poez.io
  129. EmleyMoor ejabberd.log:2019-07-20 09:12:52.262 [info] <0.5870.0>@ejabberd_s2s_out:handle_auth_success:216 (tls|<0.5870.0>) Accepted outbound s2s EXTERNAL authentication firthpark.tinsleyviaduct.com -> muc.poez.io (
  130. EmleyMoor ejabberd.log:2019-07-20 09:28:08.157 [info] <0.5870.0>@ejabberd_s2s_out:process_closed:154 Closing outbound s2s connection firthpark.tinsleyviaduct.com -> muc.poez.io: Stream closed by local host: Idle connection (connection-timeout)
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  132. Holger Nothing else from that IP address?
  133. EmleyMoor No
  134. Holger That's a Prosody indeed. My guess would be that bug.
  135. EmleyMoor Holger, How can it be affecting apparently just me?
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  137. Holger Connection attempt fails once for whatever reason, then Prosody is stuck in that attempt to connect to that domain forever.
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  140. EmleyMoor But how can I get it "unstuck"? Or find a way around?
  141. Holger As I said above. They must restart their server, or use the telnet console to kill the hanging attempt.
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  143. EmleyMoor So, you are telling me that this is nigh-on impossible... oh well
  144. Holger Well I'm saying it's an issue with the remote server that only the remote admin can solve. If it's the bug I'm guessing.
  145. EmleyMoor He's *too* remote
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  147. Holger Isn't that Link Mauve's or matt mathieui's?
  148. Holger Isn't that Link Mauve's or mathieui's?
  149. EmleyMoor Unless you know some other support channel for biboumi I'm UTCWAP
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  151. Holger (And/or louiz')
  152. EmleyMoor It's Louiz I've tried to contact
  153. pep. muc.poez.io is only louiz
  154. Holger pep.: Ah.
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  156. pep. Somebody reported it in the poezio@ room yesterday, I don't know if he's had a look
  157. mathieui maybe we could open a ticket in te infra tracker too
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  195. Jonny !contact rimkus.it
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  266. pep. Ah right, EmleyMoor, https://lab.louiz.org/louiz/infra/issues/ < as mathieui said
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  284. EmleyMoor pep., Can you narrow it down?
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  287. EmleyMoor (or have I misunderstood?)
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  289. pep. You can report issues for muc.poez.io there
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  291. Licaon_Kter pep.: how can report when s2s doesn't work with EmleyMoor's server?
  292. pep. That's a gitlab instance
  293. Licaon_Kter pep.: right the other way....got it
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  299. EmleyMoor I just cannot remember my gitlab details (other than username)
  300. pep. It's not gitlab.com
  301. EmleyMoor So it's likely not the same as any similar?
  302. pep. You can create an account on that instance, or you can use your github account
  303. pep. Maybe he could also allow gitlab.com accounts
  304. EmleyMoor Like I say, if I have a github account its details are not known to me
  305. pep. What do you mean? You don't know if you have a github account?
  306. EmleyMoor I have a username that my browser wants to put in but that's it
  307. pep. Maybe just create an account on lab.louiz.org then
  308. EmleyMoor OK, done
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  321. EmleyMoor Anyone on here familiar enough with biboumi to tell me how to configure its server options?
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  333. jonas’ EmleyMoor, server options?
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  352. EmleyMoor Options related to IRC servers. Looking to configure them before attempting a connection, if possible.
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