XMPP Service Operators - 2019-07-21

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  52. aj greetings all, can any xmpp oper join this muc? or do I have to be an official xmpp oper with xmpp.org
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  54. tom what's your site aj ?
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  57. aj tom: lecturify.com
  58. aj you are welcome to hang out there if you wish, we're trying to build a community chat room for an online english class
  59. tom doesn't appear to be publicly accessable
  60. tom this chat is for anyone who operates an XMPP server
  61. aj cool
  62. aj tom: can you try joining again
  63. aj #lecturify@chat.lecturify.com
  64. aj that is the biggest muc on our site
  65. tom is not a group chat server
  66. tom group chat does not exist
  67. aj weird, i'm on it right now as are 20 other people
  68. aj what xmpp client are you using?
  69. tom Gajim
  70. aj my friend signed in using gajim, so it should work.
  71. tom perhaps it's only innaccesable from other jabber servers
  72. tom that's ok though
  73. tom just thought you should know
  74. aj it should be accessible to other jabber servers because I have a friend who is currently logged in from xmpp.jp
  75. aj i didn't do anything to block federation
  76. tom https://0x0.st/zpcq.png
  77. aj let me take a look
  78. aj 1 second
  79. aj hmm
  80. aj thanks for the feedback, could it be i am lacking disco or some other module
  81. aj hmm odd I do have disco enabled
  82. aj hmm apart from those logs I don't see any other issues, if you find anything please do let me know
  83. aj the logs I see on prosody say you connected and all was well
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  148. EmleyMoor Still unable to make any progress getting onto the biboumi MUC
  149. pep. Have you reported it on that gitlab instance?
  150. EmleyMoor Yes, absolutely
  151. pep. okay
  152. EmleyMoor I need a workaround, not a waitaround
  153. pep. really? https://lab.louiz.org/louiz/infra/issues/
  154. pep. Ah, you reported in biboumi :p
  155. pep. ok he'll see it anyway
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  157. pep. I can't do much more for you. louiz is not replying anyway and he's the author of biboumi as well
  158. EmleyMoor I just need some knowledgeable people. I want to find out if it's possible to configure server parameters before trying to connect
  159. pep. I'm happy to try and answer biboumi questions here, most folks in that channel also live here and in other channels you're joined anyway
  160. pep. Yes, I think we told you about ad-hoc yesterday
  161. EmleyMoor pep., A
  162. EmleyMoor Yes, but I can't see how to configure BEFORE attempting a connection. Nothing I've tried so far works for that. Once it's been attempted, it's possible
  163. pep. https://doc.biboumi.louiz.org/user.html#on-a-server-jid
  164. pep. Yes you can
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  166. EmleyMoor Er, how? gajim "denies knowledge" of what I'm trying to do
  167. EmleyMoor (biboumi could be the one denying the knowledge, I guess)
  168. EmleyMoor Ah, getting somewhere...
  169. pep. hmm, I'm wondering if gajim wants you to have the UI to be able to show the ad-hoc command
  170. pep. In poezio you can do /adhoc foobar
  171. pep. without having any relation with foobar
  172. EmleyMoor Not th'issue
  173. pep. Then I don'T understand
  174. EmleyMoor Right, this is looking good. The problem I wanted to get around with biboumi is fixed... still three more IRC networks to migrate to it but all going quite well now
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  293. morgan Hi
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  404. EmleyMoor is in mid-changeover from spectrum to biboumi for IRC transport - it's looking good at present, three networks to go
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  407. Allie hopefully not a silly question, but does anyone know if there's a transport for XMPP to Matrix? The only thing I knew of was maybe using purple-matrix with spectrum, but didn't know if something else existed.
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  411. Link Mauve Allie, there was https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-bifrost but they discontinued it as soon as they decided to spend their money somewhere else.
  412. Link Mauve It still has some well-known bugs, for instance you won’t be able to leave a Matrix room, ever.
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  415. Allie Link Mauve: oh well... you'd think two open protocols would have some pretty robust transports between the two. I guess it all depends on how much interest there is in it, though.
  416. tom oh god matrix?
  417. Link Mauve Allie, correct.
  418. tom can we replace the tires on our card with octogins while we are at it?
  419. tom *cars
  420. tom Can we replace the tires on our cars with octogons while we are at it?
  421. Allie tom: lol just trying to cover all the bases with a single XMPP server :)
  422. EmleyMoor has never used Matrix - and is glad!
  423. Allie I've played with it a little bit in the past, using Riot and such. I tried setting up a server once and it was a nightmare. I'm not sure if it's gotten any better.
  424. Allie I also kinda hate how it makes it look like Freenode has 9187419824719287 users all the time
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