XMPP Service Operators - 2019-07-22

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  17. tom There is absolutely zero matrix does that XMPP can't do, and do it better
  18. tom matrix devs lie about XMPP
  19. tom you can view it on archive.org
  20. tom saying lies like XMPP doesn't have pubsub
  21. tom now on their website they just say we don't want to compete with XMPP and just build bridges
  22. tom that's because they literally can't compete with XMPP. they have no valid arguments, so they don't try to
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  25. tom all they are doing is trying to reimplement XMPP from scratch with JSON instead of XML, because XML is older and therefor it's bad according to matrix
  26. tom but doing it badly
  27. tom and making a HUGE number of features mandatory in the minimum spec
  28. tom making the protocol considerably more bloated, and less usuable in IOT envrioments where you don't need every feature of an IM network under the sun, just enough to realtime sensor data or whatever your doing
  29. tom the X in XMPP means Xtensable for a reason
  30. tom If you ask me it's mostly likely another fake privacy inititive in order to create anoher closed siloed walled off platform
  31. tom ounce their main server gets big enough they will give even their bridges the finger
  32. tom and become like telegram or signal
  33. tom or slack
  34. tom more likely
  35. tom they project goals might be ideal in paper, but in implementation it's complete utter garbage
  36. tom and there's not a good reason to replace decades of development, standardization, and matured software for the same thing just an inferior unscalable implementation
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  43. Allie tom: I'm not a Matrix proponent. I was just looking for a transport that would allow communication with it if required. That's all. I've used XMPP off and on for over a decade.
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  55. aj Allie: take a look into matterbridge
  56. aj I am using matterbridge to bridge from xmpp to irc to telegram to discord, I know it supports matrix and I think it also supports signal
  57. Allie aj: cool, thanks :) I'll check it out
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  135. EmleyMoor Hmmm... tried to connect to an IRC server using biboumi, got "ERROR: connection closed" and now "Execute command" is greyed out on gajim's menu, leaving me no hope of fixing the problem
  136. Ge0rG EmleyMoor: greyed out on what JID?
  137. EmleyMoor The server's JID
  138. Ge0rG the IRC server's?
  139. EmleyMoor Yes
  140. Ge0rG sounds like a bug in either gajim or biboumi
  141. EmleyMoor restarts biboumi and waits for the dinging to stop
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  168. EmleyMoor I can't find any way to get back to a condition where I can configure for that IRC server - and I *still* can't reach the biboumi MUC
  169. pep. "get back to a condition"?
  170. louiz’ by restarting things, etc
  171. EmleyMoor Yes... the "Execute Command" remains greyed out for the JID in question no matter what I do
  172. louiz’ even if you restart gajim?
  173. louiz’ (also maybe biboumi’s logs, if you have them)
  174. EmleyMoor louiz’, that was the first thing I tried
  175. EmleyMoor I do have a biboumi log... I can pastebin anything to do with said JID if you think it would be helpful
  176. louiz’ yes
  177. EmleyMoor http://paste.debian.net/1092590/
  178. EmleyMoor What I want is to make it forget, so I can start that one again from scratch
  179. EmleyMoor (I have shut off my other XMPP clients for now, until this is resolved)
  180. louiz’ In your logs I only see one attempt to get the list of available command (which is “Configure” only, I think). It looks like it’s gajim that is not trying to fetch the list again
  181. EmleyMoor Well, whichever "it" is amiss, I need to somehow put it right. I am not having a problem with the other IRC servers - "Execute command" is remaining blacked in for those
  182. louiz’ I have no idea
  183. EmleyMoor There's no "forget about" command for biboumi?
  184. louiz’ biboumi doesn’t remember that kind of things
  185. louiz’ and in gajim, I don’t know
  186. EmleyMoor OK... so could it be ejabberd, or its database, I have to persuade to forget?
  187. EmleyMoor I've tried removing the offending JID from my roster but it persists
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  225. EmleyMoor I've got one question about biboumi I haven't resolved yet... are the IRC server settings configured per user? (I think they surely must be, but need to check before I let my other user loose on it)
  226. Ge0rG EmleyMoor: you can have global settings, and you can set up an instance that connects to a pre-configured server, but the default is that every user has their own servers they can configure
  227. EmleyMoor Ge0rG, That's as I expected, then. My partner is hoping to start using more of the chat spaces I use and at least this way it will be "all under one roof".
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  229. EmleyMoor While I think about that, is there any way to use WhatsApp without losing the normal phone client access?
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  231. Ge0rG I think there are inofficial bridges, but you risk your phone number getting burned
  232. EmleyMoor You mean "they" don't like it? Hmmm...
  233. Ge0rG Yeah, what a surprise.
  234. EmleyMoor Sadly I don't have a friend on their staff... unlike Facebook
  235. Ge0rG EmleyMoor: WhatsApp _is_ Facebook.
  236. EmleyMoor There's nothing that does it innocuously via Whatsapp Web?
  237. Ge0rG And I wouldn't admit in public of knowing people at Facebook
  238. Ge0rG I don't know. I'm a WhatsApp refusenik
  239. EmleyMoor Ge0rG, I know they own WhatsApp but it's reverse corporate schizophrenia to conflate the facts like that.
  240. Ge0rG EmleyMoor: not being an insider, I can't comment on the actual state. But from extrapolating the user hostility that Facebook emits at each possible occasion, I tend to assume the worst, and then one-up it.
  241. EmleyMoor At least it's not corporate schizophrenia of the BT/OpenReach kind
  242. Ge0rG I have no idea of that.
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  245. EmleyMoor One company, trading under two names, and with itself, passing the buck and treating the real customers badly
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