XMPP Service Operators - 2019-07-23

  1. aj

    speaking of WhatsApp, does anybody know WhatsApp's official policy on 3rd party bridges? I'd like to use matterbridge to bridge to IRC/XMPP, but I don't know if it's tolerated

  2. tom

    There's not much facebook can do to stop you

  3. tom

    you'l just keep having to rewrite your scraper to account for changes every couple of months

  4. tom

    just like youtube

  5. pep.

    Establishing a secure connection from cluxia.eu to conference.jabber.org failed. Certificate hash: 3e4febf0cd415da14d4ebaad0ca1c8d0e2a59299b4c13c92cfd3dab1409e5fb6. Error with certificate 0: certificate has expired.

  6. jonas’


  7. Link Mauve

    pep., did you report it to them?

  8. pep.

    There was noise on xsf@ as well, they know

  9. jonas’

    is it fixed now?

  10. pep.

    I think so? Intosi is doing stuff on it no?

  11. jonas’

    I can’t test, dh key ;)

  12. pep.

    Ah that..