XMPP Service Operators - 2019-07-26

  1. aj

    does biboumi interfere with prosody's ability to sync muc chats/archive offline messages for mucs?

  2. aj

    I notice when using monal (xmpp client) to join muc's hosted by prosody and biboumi, that monal never gets any group chats when the device is asleep (even when turned on later)

  3. tom

    Should I sign it?

  4. aj


  5. jonas’

    aj, no

  6. jonas’

    biboumi is an entirely different component and is unrelated to other MUCs

  7. aj

    i meant, does muc-mam still work if i use biboumi as an external component?

  8. jonas’

    yes, your MUC component and Biboumi are entirely separate

  9. jonas’

    (if you load mod_muc_mam on the Biboumi component, you might be in trouble though)

  10. aj

    yes, the 2nd was what i was referring to

  11. aj

    i tried loading mod_muc_mam on the biboumi component

  12. jonas’


  13. jonas’

    biboumi has its own MAM implementation

  14. jonas’

    aside from maybe mod_firewall, you should not be loading any modules on the biboumi component which would interfere with normal message processing

  15. jonas’

    or with anything really

  16. jonas’

    because the idea of an external Component is that everything is delegated there

  17. aj


  18. aj

    ah, ok let me take it off then, th anks jonas’

  19. louiz’

    jonas’ is right, biboumi saves its own archive, and deals with MAM all alone

  20. louiz’

    hehe, aj received 3 identical answers by 3 different persons on 3 rooms :)

  21. Ge0rG was just typing the fourth one, just to add insult to injury

  22. aj

    thanks guys =)

  23. aj

    I'm wondering then if I should get rid of biboumi, it's causing the chats to get lost =/

  24. Ge0rG

    aj: it's most probably a client bug

  25. tom

    I like to put muc in my mam

  26. Ge0rG


  27. tom


  28. edhelas

    And then you MIX it

  29. Allie

    tom: mod_mac_n_cheese sounds pretty awesome

  30. edhelas

    Lots of pasta code in that module

  31. Ge0rG

    mmhmmm! pasta!

  32. ivucica


  33. Allie