XMPP Service Operators - 2019-08-19

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  16. tom Is there any reason not to allow http plaintext connections to your http_upload server?
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  38. Holger tom: I'd ask about the Gajim stuff in the Gajim room.
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  40. Holger tom: > Is there any reason not to allow http plaintext connections to your http_upload server? Sure, you might not want to allow the man in the middle to intercept your users' uploads.
  41. tom but is there any reason to make https mandatory instead of optional?
  42. tom having https as an option metigates that, but as a cdn, Is it not good to allow plaintext access as well?
  43. Holger The upload extension doesn't support offering more than a single URL.
  44. Holger So you can't offer the client to choose between HTTP and HTTPS.
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  47. tom true, but clients (not uploaders) downloading static content can overide the https to do http
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  65. Holger Just blindly try HTTP and retry via TLS if that fails?
  66. Holger If people wanted this behavior it would make more sense to extend the spec accordingly. But I doubt you'll convince people in these HTTPS-everywhere times.
  67. Licaon_Kter tom: what's the usecase for non-httpS ?
  68. tom well, for static content that's not confidential
  69. tom for private conversations OMEMO would encrypt anyways
  70. tom http is less overhead and can be easily cached my client-side proxies like squid or polipo
  71. tom *by
  72. tom also, when I do TLS I set it up right. so that means blacklisting all insecure cihpersuites
  73. tom which realisticly only allows chacha20 and AESG
  74. tom the worst thing I want to do is provide a false sense of security. where if you turn on https and I want to be secure, but if you use http on purpose you don't have the illusion of security
  75. tom *AESGCM
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  77. tom older clients may not be able to speak TLSv1.2: ECDHE-ECDSA-CHACHA20-POLY1305 ECDHE-ECDSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384
  78. Holger All other ciphersuites are "insecure", sure.
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  116. tom give or take a few cipher modulo and hash length 128/256/384
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  121. jonas’ that’s not even TLSv1.3
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  125. Holger I'm convinced it makes sense to break interop (i.e. better don't get the cat pic at all than to take the risk) by not offering ciphers such as, say, AES-128-CBC-SHA one someone shows how exactly to break it.
  126. tom what about tls 1.3?
  127. Holger I'm convinced it makes sense to break interop (i.e. better don't get the cat pic at all than to take the risk) by not offering ciphers such as, say, AES-128-CBC-SHA once someone shows how exactly to break it.
  128. tom nevermind
  129. tom I'm not asking about my cipherlist
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  131. Holger tom: Sure, you're just making the point that you need HTTP for interop because you can't offer HTTPS except with a super-restrictive cipherlist because anything else would impose a false sense of security 🙂
  132. tom well not exactly. I don't /need/ plaintext access I'm just wondering if there should be any plaintext access
  133. tom no clients have problems with my restrictive cipherlist that I know of
  134. pep. Let's just use http everywhere because TLS is not perfect anyway and it provides a false sense of security :)
  135. jonas’ that’s the usual symptom of restrictive cipher lists
  136. Holger tom: Well many have. But whatever. I do see your points about overhead and proxies. I just doubt you'll convince people.
  137. jonas’ I didn’t notice that I lost connectivity to jabber.ru until someone pointed it out out-of-band *shrug*
  138. jonas’ I didn’t notice that I lost connectivity to jabber.ru until someone pointed it out out-of-band
  139. jonas’ I didn’t notice that I lost connectivity to jabber.ru due to TLS foo until someone pointed it out out-of-band
  140. pep. Also tom it'd be great if you stopped taking over this channel for every single topic you want to talk about. Please
  141. jonas’ it *is* operations, pep.
  142. jonas’ it *is* related to operations, pep.
  143. tom > I do see your points about overhead and proxies. I just doubt you'll convince people. I'm not worried about convincing people, I'm just wondering if there is any other scenario besides the proxy example
  144. pep. jonas’: it started with gajim and jingle
  145. jonas’ I didn’t scroll up that far
  146. tom >pep.‎: Also tom it'd be great if you stopped taking over this channel for every single topic you want to talk about. Please this channel is idle 90% of the time. If anybody else has a topic they'd like to talk about nothing's stopping them from bringing it up
  147. pep. It's idle 90% of the time so what. Let's all have a single channel with every xmpp users so that it's not idle at all?
  148. Holger tom: That's the usual response of people being asked to stay on topic. The problem is not everybody joined here is interested in having his phone beeping when it's about Jingle for Gajim. I'm not, for one.
  149. tom maybe the gajim conversation was a bit offtopic
  150. Holger (Personally I *am* somewhat interested in Gajim and Jingle, but I joined this room with the phone to be notified of actual operators stuff quickly; while I'm joined to the Gajim room only on my desktop. Just to give an example.)
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  153. tom sure
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  156. pep. tom: fwiw, join the gajim room and talk about what you want to do re UI, and the codebase in there. The current maintainer has done a huge amount of work cleaning it up, there are probably parts you can merge in your potential 0.16 fork if it happens
  157. pep. Ah you have joined, cool :)
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