XMPP Service Operators - 2019-08-24

  1. aj

    would you offer a public znc that has access to any irc network? wouldn't that attract a lot of abuse, ddos attacks, dmca complaints, illegal activity? This is something I've been debating lately. Because I'd like to offer public znc access to any irc network but the legal a

  2. aj

    nd ethical liability scares me On the other hand, public znc access is, fundamentally speaking, 'federation' of irc networks in my opinion I find it bizarre because people are, on one hand, praising federation in xmpp/matrix but then advising you lock down znc to just a single network. This seems totally contradictory

  3. Allie

    why do you want to offer public znc access to any irc network?

  4. tom

    I don't see how it could bring DMCA complaints

  5. tom

    if someone is just linking to some content but not hosting it

  6. tom

    ddos attacks, (using your server) just limit the amount of connections to the same server per user

  7. tom

    illegal activty, that's why you have an abuse email on your domain and xmpp server info

  8. tom

    would it attract abuse? probably. I don't know how popular it would be to attract the kind of people who will abuse it. redhotchili runs a public relay that you have to fill out a captcha ounce with your jid to use

  9. tom

    however my experience their server is pretty broken when it comes to irc transports. that might just be spectrum though