XMPP Service Operators - 2019-09-15

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  341. Allie anyone happen to know if any of the social networking-type xmpp implementations provide an activitypub gateway? or if there are any xmpp-to-activitypub gateways? I've searched and haven't found anything so far
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  385. Link Mauve Allie, I’ve started one as a Prosody module, but addressing issues are preventing me from getting there.
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  388. Allie Link Mauve: link trying to figure out how to refer to other people? or referring to individual posts and such?
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  390. Allie I ask mostly out of curiosity, since I don't know that I'd have the expertise to help, but who knows? hehe
  391. Link Mauve Allie, both.
  392. Allie heh, yeah... not sure how you'd do that since there's only so much you can to a JID
  393. ralphm Right, but the reverse seems possible. ActivityPub doesn't restrict URIs to be https. They could just as well be xmpp URIs.
  394. Allie and I'd guess you could use other attributes to represent the post ID and such
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  396. ralphm FWIW I federated 60 social networks using XMPP PubSub, using Atom entry documents to represent things, and also supported activitystreams. Back in 2008-2011.
  397. ralphm Way before activitypub was a thing.
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  399. Allie Yeah, I know xmpp itself can be used for a whole lot of that stuff. I was asking mainly because I'd like to be able to interact with the fediverse stuff via xmpp, or somehow extend movim/SaT to provide access to activitypub stuffs.
  400. Allie although I dunno why I care, like 95% of the activitypub stuff I've found was just garbage lol
  401. ralphm Hehe
  402. ralphm I've wondered what the best way is to connect two networks where each have their own federation protocols.
  403. ralphm Not just here, but also for Matrix.
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  405. ralphm It seems to me that a single gateway that maps addressing is not a great idea.
  406. Allie yeah :(
  407. ralphm But the alternative means you have to support both in all the nodes. Or something.
  408. Allie I hate that we're just back to doing all the same stuff we tried to get away from years ago :/
  409. ralphm And indeed the third model is having private gateways like our old transports.
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  412. ralphm Where you define multiple addresses for an entity and keep mappings.
  413. Allie private gateways is probably the easiest
  414. ralphm What I did at Mediamatic, when trying to subscribe to an unknown entity was the following. Retrieve the document pointed to with the http URI. See what link headers it had. If it had a link pointing to an XMPP PubSub node, subscribe using pubsub: done. If not, check for an Atom entry document link. If that existed, import the document once locally.
  415. ralphm (this was not for activitystreams)
  416. Allie that does sound like a pretty ingenious way to do it :)
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  419. ralphm Yeah, I like to think that I did some cool stuff around this back then.
  420. ralphm The ikDisplay software was originally built for displaying all kinds of activitystreams stuff, along with Tweets. Nowadays it is mainly used for the latter, but there's not reason it could still do the former.
  421. ralphm No reason it couldn't
  422. Allie I do think it'd be nice to be able to easily federate with matrix, at least so the whole competition thing wouldn't really matter that much from a user standpoint. I just know I've used matrix a bit here and there and I just find it weird and don't like it :/
  423. Allie ralphm: is that for read-only access?
  424. ralphm What do you mean?
  425. Allie ralphm: about matrix or about the read-only access thing?
  426. ralphm IkDisplay is a waterfall display for realtime information. Example here https://display.ik.nu/fosdem
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  428. ralphm This old presentation shows examples with activitystreams stuff in it: https://ralphm.net/publications/fosdem_2011/
  429. Allie I looked at the github project real quick since I just searched for it when you mentioned it hehe
  430. Allie interesting :)
  431. ralphm It is basically two things: an aggregator that subscribes to things via xmpp pubsub, polling feeds, or Twitter's Streaming API, and publishes aggregate feeds to XMPP pubsub. Then a Strophejs client to subscribe and display.
  432. ralphm We built it for showing stuff happening with our interactive installations at events.
  433. Allie makes sense
  434. ralphm As well as Twitter, resulting in a backchannel that was projected
  435. ralphm One of the best and fun projects I've worked on.
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  437. Allie yeah the best times I've had are coming up with new ways to do things and seeing the results :) well, best times programming stuff ... there are other things to do that are arguably better lol
  438. ralphm Allie: I suppose XMPP could be useful to ActivityPub in two ways: 1) as a more efficient s2s exchange, 2) as a realtime stream for clients (just like Twitter's Realtime API).
  439. Allie I've been fiddling around with some of the Go xmpp libraries, also had been looking at how to implement some activitypub stuffs ... but a lot of reading the standards/specifications just makes my eyes glaze over :(
  440. ralphm 😃
  441. ralphm Getting some sleep now. Cheers
  442. Allie night! :)
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