XMPP Service Operators - 2020-01-08

  1. tom

    What does it mean when this happens: <somejid> has been removed from the room due to technical problem

  2. tom

    What exactly was the technical problem and was it my server's problem on someone else's?

  3. tom

    Seems to happen with 404.city users a lot

  4. MattJ

    tom: using gajim?

  5. tom

    No i'm not using Gajim

  6. tom


  7. MattJ

    Which client then?

  8. tom


  9. MattJ

    Haven't used that for a while

  10. MattJ

    My guess is that it is showing the new-ish 333 error code

  11. MattJ


  12. MattJ

    It may mean your server's s2s connection with 404.city is not stable, or 404.city restarted the server or something like that

  13. tom

    Why would my s2s connection be unstable?

  14. tom

    My uptime is fine

  15. MattJ

    No idea