XMPP Service Operators - 2020-01-12

  1. tom

    Wait a minute, in what scenario would a xmpp daemon not use the system resolver on a POSIX system?

  2. tom

    As in, the one that's built into the operating system itself, that you use /etc/resolv.conf to configure

  3. MattJ

    tom, the API for that typically doesn't support looking up SRV records and often doesn't support non-blocking lookups (you don't want the XMPP daemon to stop processing messages while it waits for DNS queries to return answers)

  4. MattJ

    There is an async interface to getaddrinfo, but I don't know how portable it is and it's a bit clunky to use

  5. MattJ

    But SRV is a requirement

  6. tom


  7. Holger

    Never ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Holger

    There's no POSIX API to perform SRV lookups.

  9. MattJ

    Oh, I didn't see/ingest "POSIX system" in the question

  10. MattJ

    Yeah, no such thing

  11. tom

    Hmm, looking at my operating system's programmer's manual there's GAI_NOWAIT() which offers async lookups, but let me check if you can request a specific type of record

  12. MattJ

    My "typically" was to cover that there may be systems with such APIs, I'm no Windows dev but I once heard rumour that there is something in the Windows API for SRV lookup

  13. tom

    I don't see the point of programming server software for a DOS or NT system

  14. tom

    Nobody in there right mind is using Windows for a server os

  15. MattJ

    That's different to "nobody is" :)

  16. MattJ

    Windows servers, OS X servers, they exist

  17. Holger

    Servers is what Microsoft makes their money with these days โ€ฆ

  18. tom

    But why would you want to support a setup like that?

  19. MattJ

    Prosody doesn't, we dropped Windows support long ago

  20. tom

    ยป [14:36:28] <Holger> Servers is what Microsoft makes their money with these days โ€ฆ I thought Microsoft made their money selling Linux VPS hosting, as in Azure

  21. Holger

    You sound like you're trying to show how someone is doing something completely stupid but can't quite spot who and what this would be ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. tom

    I ounce worked for a company that was a "Authorized Microsoft Distributor" as a Network Engineer and Linux programmer. Most of their interaction with their customers was upselling them things to *fix* their problem. For example a company couldn't send mail to outlook MX servers because their RDNS was set incorrectly. I was actually the person who was tasked with looking into this. I reported my findings and how to fix the problem, yet the "problem" ending up being that the company needed to buy a more expensive M$ Outlook service plan and that's why their mail wasn't getting though.

  23. Holger

    I guess we can agree on disliking Microsoft.

  24. tom

    Not a simple call to the ISP to change a record, or that fact that for some stupid reason M$'s mail servers where disconnecting authenticated smtp587 users for an rdns hickup

  25. tom

    But yeah, I didn't realize POSIX doesn't have a way to call other record types

  26. tom

    Thanks for explaining