XMPP Service Operators - 2020-05-02

  1. tom

    MattJ: i'm glad you think that way

  2. tom

    Secure and private by default

  3. tom

    Enable less secure options by opt-in only

  4. tom

    But the more omemo gets deployed !!!sanely to spec!!! The less of a problem that should be

  5. tom

    It's not just a some people care about privacy thing and some don't. That's important, but another thing is the liability of the host. With governments giving people gag orders and such and writing laws to give them unrestrained search and seizure powers, it's in the hoster's own interest not to retain any data or at least in a decryptable form that could be of any interest to someone else.

  6. tom

    Where that is increases the payout and the value for someone to hack your server

  7. thndrbvr

    Suggestions for XMPP server software?

  8. tom

    .v thndrbvr

  9. thndrbvr

    Hi tom

  10. tom

    Hey thndrbvr

  11. tom

    What's your avatar?

  12. tom

    It's really low res hard to make out

  13. thndrbvr

    It's a ninja beaver with a sword of sorts!

  14. tom


  15. tom

    thndrbvr: it's hard to recommend something without any context or purpose

  16. thndrbvr

    List of software installed or will be installed soon: https://thefreaks.club/p/2 Mainly need good support with GNU Social & Matrix w/ Jitsi integration

  17. thndrbvr

    I'm a n00b at this sys admin stuff so something that's on the easier side to install & maintain is nice. Lol. Secure, up-to-date. Complete & true to specs. I've got a dedicated Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server.

  18. tom

    Matrix is something completely different

  19. tom

    And a huge ram hog while at the same time not a standard

  20. tom

    Any XMPP server because it's a standard will work with any other client

  21. tom

    Between to two most popular XMPP server implementations the question is really do you want to host ~1-1000 users, or do you want to host 10,000-100,000,000 users

  22. thndrbvr

    I do hope in several years there will be hundreds of thousands of TFC members :)

  23. thndrbvr

    Jitsi is XMPP. Not sure how the video conferencing part of Matrix comes into play here.

  24. thndrbvr

    Also, I've got a guy helping (okay, doing all the actual work) me set up a single sign on + MFA.

  25. MattJ

    Matrix (well, Riot - I don't know how many other clients support it) just embeds Jitsi in an iframe in the page

  26. MattJ

    Their mobile app uses the Jitsi SDK now I believe, so it has a little neater integration. But yes, it's XMPP behind :)

  27. thndrbvr

    Only other use case I was thinking of would be some sort of ticketing / help desk thing. I saw something the other day that had a web chat that used XMPP. Can't recall which at the moment. Not sure exactly what I want to do here but I expect in the future this will be necessary and I'd rather have it from the start ;)

  28. tom

    I've seen multiple web-browser based xmpp client embeds

  29. tom

    But i never put much thought into them

  30. tom

    I try not to use things that are shoehorned into a web browser

  31. tom


  32. thndrbvr


  33. tom

    I'm sure a search for "xmpp html5" would turn up some relevant results

  34. thndrbvr

    It was more of "oh hey, that's a cool idea." kind of thing when I saw it lol

  35. MattJ

    I used to work in that area, a number of those things are XMPP-based (notably Olark)

  36. MattJ

    Most are poor homegrown protocols by people who never designed protocols before

  37. thndrbvr


  38. MattJ

    I'm not sure what FOSS choices are available

  39. MattJ

    I wrote a basic one years ago

  40. MattJ

    Converse.js may support being used this way, not sure

  41. thndrbvr

    I'm taking a peek at what Softaculous has. Got a shared web host I use to test out a couple things. When I first started this project/community/business it wasn't quite as complex as it's striving to be now. After I realized I needed root access and all, I got a real server in Iceland.

  42. tom

    Sounds like you might want to hire a sysadmin

  43. tom

    *nix/BSD knowledge is kind of a prerequisite to hosting a communications server

  44. thndrbvr

    Hey I installed Gentiles and Arch a decade or more ago all by myself. Full DE, wifi, and video card drivers even. Lol

  45. thndrbvr

    Gentoo *

  46. thndrbvr

    Anyway, thoughts on and experiences with Metronome IM?

  47. MattJ

    thndrbvr: It's a fork of Prosody by Maranda here. I work on Prosody, Maranda works on Metronome. Ask us anything but which one is better ;)

  48. thndrbvr

    Lol hey! And I think I just saw you guys updating your git a few hours ago -- impressive.

  49. MattJ

    Quite possible. Except we don't use git, but Mercurial :)

  50. Maranda

    thndrbvr, could have been me, I'm conjuring up some stuff related to YuNoHost feature requests.

  51. Maranda

    which reminds me, anyone knows if Jitsi Meet actually uses MAM in anyway?

  52. jonas’

    not as far as I know

  53. jonas’

    it seems to only use plain ol’ MUC history

  54. Maranda

    jonas’, thanks, I seen some controversial things in configuration files (which I had to correct by the way) and I wondered.