XMPP Service Operators - 2020-06-08

  1. Tom

    Does XMPP follow REST? What kind of information does the server need to maintain about clients? Can the server forget a client when they disconnect?

  2. tom

    tom: look up BOSH and stream management

  3. jonas’

    Tom, not at all

  4. Roi

    Hi all, does somebody knows something about jabberim.org? Like the admin contact. I noticed that the website is redirected onto our website. But the Jabber server seems to run, according to some lines in my server log.

  5. Roi

    I am also looking for the admin contact for default.rs because of spam I am receiving a lot here.

  6. jonas’

    15:54:09 foorl> jonas’: no contact information published for jabberim.org

  7. tom

    » Admin Name: Aleksandr Glyzin<br>Admin Organization: Aleksandr Glyzin<br>Admin Street: ul. Savushkina d.3, lit.A<br>Admin City: Sankt-Peterburg<br>Admin State/Province: Sankt-Peterburg<br>Admin Postal Code: 197183<br>Admin Country: RU<br>Admin Phone: +7.8123461149<br>Admin Phone Ext:<br>Admin Fax: +7.8123461149<br>Admin Fax Ext:<br>Admin Email: info@jabberim.org<br>Registry Registration ID: <br>Tech Name: Aleksandr Glyzin<br>Tech Organization: Aleksandr Glyzin<br>Tech Street: ul. Savushkina d.3, lit.A<br>Tech City: Sankt-Peterburg<br>Tech State/Province: Sankt-Peterburg<br>Tech Postal Code: 197183<br>Tech Country: RU<br>Tech Phone: +7.8123461149<br>Tech Phone Ext:<br>Tech Fax: +7.8123461149<br>Tech Fax Ext:<br>Tech Email: info@jabberim.org

  8. jonas’

    Roi, 15:56:01 foorl> jonas’: contact for default.rs: admin: <xmpp:admin@default.rs>

  9. Roi

    jonas’‎, tom‎, wow thank you very much for your help! :-)

  10. Martin

    Roi: Why do they forward their site to yours? 😯

  11. Roi

    Martin‎, no clue...

  12. Roi

    I never had contact to admins or useres. And the server (still) seems to run. Really no idea. Noticed it when I checked the web stats today.