XMPP Service Operators - 2020-07-26

  1. Martin

    jonas’: Establishing a secure connection from blackbox-poke.zombofant.net to diebesban.de failed. Certificate hash: (No certificate).

  2. jonas’

    Martin, ignore that, that was me stupidly and manually messing with things

  3. jonas’

    (unless you see it after last midnight)

  4. Martin


  5. tom

    Does anybody operate a telegram transport?

  6. a


  7. MattJ

    tom: vanitasvitae recently shared https://dev.narayana.im/stuff/zhabogram

  8. tom

    but is there an online telegram transport i could use?

  9. MattJ

    Oh, don't know

  10. MattJ

    These days most servers tend to restrict bridges to their own users in my experience

  11. tom


  12. tom

    even if it's an invite thing

  13. Ellenor Malik

    is kode.im fucked?

  14. Licaon_Kter

    In what way?

  15. ShalokShalom

    Hi, is there a server that does not collect meta data?