XMPP Service Operators - 2020-09-11

  1. tom

    Yes I have pep

  2. tom

    What is the usecase for shared rosters?

  3. tom

    Is there anything that uses that?

  4. Ellenor Malik

    tom: I don't appreciate that you decided to use a good friend of ours as a flying monkey to announce a bad-faith "unban" to me.

  5. tom

    Ellenor Malik: If you want to talk about it I am available for direct message. I don't know if your getting my replies, but I never did anything in bad faith to you

  6. tom

    You were unbanned a long time ago. But if you do want to talk about this, there's no reason to do it in 'here' in the ops chat

  7. MattJ

    tom, disabling mod_pep will break most modern features of XMPP, and it has nothing to do with rosters

  8. MattJ

    It's not an alternative to mod_vcard (though it is true that we are moving vcards to PEP storage)

  9. tom

    The conversion module breaks vcard functionality on prosody

  10. MattJ

    There are a bunch of conversion modules I think, I'm not sure of the state/quality of them

  11. MattJ

    The official path is to swap mod_vcard for mod_vcard_legacy

  12. MattJ

    But most/all clients don't care right now, so there isn't much point in rushing to do that (as an operator)

  13. tom

    Hmm alright. I try that every few months and end up having to restore from backup

  14. tom

    It seems like my client doesn't support pep yet, and the 2 way conversion isn't working

  15. tom

    Does mod_vcard_legacy also work on mucs?

  16. tom

    I've applied the vcard module to mucs as well, so mucs can have icons