XMPP Service Operators - 2020-09-16

  1. antranigv

    hah, mine will be 5 years in couple of days.

  2. antranigv

    I did not know that there are MUCs for Operators, this is nice :)

  3. tom

    Hello antranigv =)

  4. antranigv

    Ugh why is it that we have amazing servers but very fragmented clients? Still not able to have a good client on macOS and iOS

  5. antranigv

    Hello @tom :)

  6. tom

    Because Apple wouldn't want to have anything compete with facetime on their iphones

  7. antranigv

    Now I’m trying SisinkIM and BeagleIM. Also will migrate from prosody to ejabberd this weekend because erlang

  8. tom

    Apple controls which programs users are allowed to install

  9. antranigv

    Hahaha true

  10. tom

    Through an 'app store'

  11. antranigv

    Also they don’t allow persistent TCP connections

  12. tom

    And on top of this, all these restrictions make the platform unattractive to developers

  13. antranigv

    I should just leave the Apple ecosystem and go to PinePhone 😇

  14. tom


  15. antranigv

    Is there a list of XMPP servers these days? or a mailing list?

  16. antranigv

    ah right, xmpp.net

  17. tom

    There's also compliance.conversations.im

  18. antranigv

    I got the domain xmpp.fund, thinking to do some fundraising and pay developers to add features into servers and clients.

  19. tom

    And https://search.jabber.network

  20. antranigv

    never had the time to setup a donation / matching system tho

  21. tom

    antranigv: there is currently a $2500 bug bounty to add message carbon support to Psi+

  22. antranigv

    wooah that one is nice!

  23. antranigv


  24. antranigv

    message carbons exist on Psi+ :D

  25. tom

    They do?

  26. antranigv

    I used them today, yea

  27. tom

    Maybe I'm not thinking of the right thing then

  28. antranigv

    when I send a message on my iPhone, I see it on Psi+

  29. tom

    In private chats too?

  30. antranigv

    I moved away from Psi+ because there is no HTTP upload, but BeagleIM is not understanding that my server has it. I need to see what's happening, hmm

  31. antranigv

    tom, yup!

  32. tom


  33. tom

    Psi+ has http-upload now

  34. tom

    If you want to try it again

  35. antranigv

    there is?

  36. tom


  37. antranigv downloads the new version

  38. tom


  39. antranigv Be right back.

  40. antranigv

    tom, you on macOS? or just Psi+?

  41. tom

    No I'm using Linux and BSD

  42. antranigv

    ugh, I need to move back to FreeBSD laptop :(

  43. tom

    Why did you move off?

  44. antranigv

    CEO-related work apps :/ GoToMeeting, Zoom, PDF editing, etc

  45. antranigv

    also: I had an iPhone anyway

  46. antranigv

    but now I'm thinking to move away

  47. antranigv

    I miss having a real Unix system

  48. antranigv

    tom: may I ask on which version are you on?

  49. tom

    Psi+ v1.4.1490 (2020-09-02, Psi:55b4b433, Psi+:2170e90)

  50. tom

    Just download and compile the master version

  51. antranigv

    doing it now

  52. tom

    There's no point in running an older version, and if you have problems just go to the Psi+ muc and they are pretty responsive to bugreports

  53. antranigv

    somehow the latest version for macOS is 1.4.1472

  54. tom

    I wouldn't know

  55. antranigv

    I'll just wait couple of days

  56. antranigv

    tom: so which server do you operate?

  57. tom


  58. antranigv

    wait I know that server

  59. antranigv

    oh yeaa, you texted me saying my server was sending spam

  60. antranigv


  61. tom

    Thanks for fixing that promptly

  62. thndrbvr

    > antranigv wrote: > I should just leave the Apple ecosystem and go to PinePhone 😇 Or a Purism Librem 5. I'm waiting for mine to arrive.

  63. antranigv

    What operating system does it run?

  64. thndrbvr

    PureOS which is built on Debian.

  65. antranigv

    I was thinking about getting PinePhone and trying to port a BSD system there (FreeBSD ideally) with a nice GUI like Gnome or something similar

  66. thndrbvr

    The USA edition is pricey but, it's worth it. Keep jobs here, less fossil fuels burned because things don't need to be shipped across the planet, and it's as safe as trusting Purism can be ;) Plus, they have payment plans available.

  67. antranigv

    But I think Sailfish is the winner in the open source mobile OS GUI. They’ve done an amazing job.

  68. thndrbvr

    Isn't that one not really libre though? I heard it was filled with proprietary blobs.

  69. antranigv

    It has blobs but you can disable them.

  70. thndrbvr

    Is there a fork/version with those disabled before loading it onto a device?

  71. tom

    I would never spend more than 120 dollars on a phone

  72. antranigv

    tom: what device do you have?

  73. tom


  74. antranigv

    thndrbvr: not as far as I know.

  75. antranigv

    tom: I mean a mobile device :D

  76. tom


  77. antranigv


  78. antranigv


  79. tom

    T430 modified

  80. antranigv


  81. tom

    It's got a cellular modem in it

  82. tom

    I have an X230 but never actually used it because the screen was garbage

  83. tom

    What I really want is a T60, but with a modern efficient arrch64 cpu

  84. tom

    And 3d-printable batteries

  85. arthurs5

    tom: you can call phone number on it?

  86. tom


  87. tom

    With twinklephone

  88. tom

    On any internet connected device

  89. tom

    It's just SIP

  90. arthurs5

    It support MMS?

  91. tom


  92. arthurs5

    SMS for pictures

  93. tom

    If someone want's to text message me I'd really prefer they used XMPP or email

  94. arthurs5

    So if you go outside you carry that laptop and put it next to your ear?

  95. tom

    No I set it on my lap

  96. thndrbvr

    > tom wrote: > I would never spend more than 120 dollars on a phone Phone or handheld computer that handles cellular calls?

  97. tom

    Can't really interact well with something that doesn't have a keyboard

  98. tom

    And most phones can't even run Linux

  99. tom

    Besides some pocket PCs running NetBSD from the 90s

  100. tom

    Just do to their interface makes them more useful to me

  101. thndrbvr

    They do, it's just more of an AOSP + Linux rather than GNU + Linux

  102. antranigv

    tom, I mean you can always get a Nokia N900 :)

  103. thndrbvr

    I second the non-usage of SMS.

  104. tom

    That looks painful to type on

  105. tom

    And fragile

  106. tom

    Do you remember the palm pilot

  107. tom

    That came with a real, foldable, mechanical keyboard that you could type on without having to bend your fingers back in pain?

  108. tom

    There was even PCDOS pocketpcs

  109. tom

    With a dot matrix LCD display

  110. tom

    Nowadays we have e-ink displays. I'd love to have a simple vtty on a LCD or eink

  111. tom

    With a wide enough foldable mech keyboard, running generic Linux or BSD not some special patched up binary blob version

  112. tom

    And a C compiler

  113. tom

    With cellular and/or LoRaWAN

  114. thndrbvr

    Totally off topic now but did you see the colored e-ink screen? Remarkable has a fairly nice e-ink tablet. I wish Purism would make one...

  115. tom

    And a headphone jack

  116. tom

    I'd totally pay a decent amount for something like that

  117. tom

    But regarding a phone, you gotta at least do better than a Nokia 3310 before I pay more than a Nokia 3310

  118. tom

    That's not a hard bar to pass. 30 years of techical improvements and cost reduction, no phone company can make a modern 3310

  119. thndrbvr

    Same. I picked up a 5-10 year old Kobold for $20 recently. It's basic but it does the trick. Pining for something more capable but I'm afraid it'll be a while if I want something libre and not Android based.

  120. tom

    thndrbvr: I saw tri-color e-ink.

  121. tom

    As in black, white, red, and every shade inbetween via dithering

  122. tom

    Tricolor would be good for a vim terminal

  123. tom

    And Profanity

  124. thndrbvr

    For sure.

  125. tom

    Right now, you'd be hard pressed to find anything on the market that resembles a cellphone that you can actually program and doesn't spy on you every chance it gets

  126. tom

    Someonme make a modern Libretto M3 https://upload.nuegia.net/377d6685-8f0e-437a-9f70-0a758185bc07/lib50b.jpg

  127. Licaon_Kter

    tom, thndrbvr, antranigv: could you get....a room?

  128. MattJ

    iirc there is an open hardware channel around

  129. TMakarios


  130. tom


  131. stvn


  132. stvn


  133. Licaon_Kter

    stvn: nope ;)

  134. Licaon_Kter

    Oh...message from yesterday...but appears today...strange

  135. stvn

    Licaon_Kter: server was down yesterday