XMPP Service Operators - 2021-01-19

  1. gnu

    https://yourdata.forsale/nicetry.txt public failed ssh attempts :0

  2. jonas’

    it’s not live though :D

  3. frog

    Does get updated every few minutes

  4. octagon

    gnu: https://iplists.firehol.org/

  5. tom

    » <gnu> https://yourdata.forsale/nicetry.txt nicetry fbi

  6. dsv

    hello! i have a certificate for my xmpp.tld, do i also need to make certificates for muc.xmpp.tld and upload.xmpp.tld for it to be valid?

  7. MattJ

    Generally yes

  8. MattJ

    and hi :)

  9. Licaon_Kter

    dsv: upload is loaded like any site, so yes

  10. dsv

    i've only made certs for nginx with certbot before, should i do the same here and import it as i did with xmpp.tld or make a self-signed with prosodyctl?

  11. Licaon_Kter

    dsv: same cert for all, add more SANs to certbot

  12. jonas’

    self-signed will be problematic for obvious reasons

  13. dsv

    thanks a lot! i did not know i could have more domains to one cert, i expanded it to all subdomains now :)