XMPP Service Operators - 2021-01-24

  1. Arne

    Sorry, I only use ipv4 for reasons. I look for the ipv6.

  2. Arne

    https://www.ultratools.com/tools/ipv6InfoResult?ipAddress=2001%3A4860%3A0%3A2001%3A%3A68 kind of difficult to find all IPs. If you want to block google I can also send you my hosts block list

  3. Arne

    I also added this on some devices: https://github.com/googlehosts

  4. Arne

    but modify the IPs to or something

  5. chunk

    jonas’: congrats I wonder what will change. it might be interesting.

  6. 404.city

    Spammers use a program developed by user "Bora" from the jabber.ru server Modified client psi +

  7. Arne

    thanks for info 404.city

  8. e2e.ee

    Does anyone know who operates https://xmpp.net/ ??

  9. e2e.ee

    The server is not working.

  10. e2e.ee

    They should use monitor.chat 😉

  11. jonas’

    people around the XSF do

  12. jonas’

    it’s a hot mess though and we hope to replace it with something modern at some point

  13. jonas’

    I started to build a replacement, but it’s not quite there yet.

  14. e2e.ee

    What is the XSF ?

  15. Arne


  16. shaarad

    XMPP 'Something' Foundation?

  17. e2e.ee

    ohhh!!! The XMPP "something" foundation! LOL!!!!! Makes sense!

  18. shaarad

    XMPP Standards Foundation

  19. shaarad

    Here you go, see, I was close :D

  20. e2e.ee

    ahhhh!! OK! Cool! Thx!