XMPP Service Operators - 2021-01-26

  1. tom

    Does anybody know of or can recommend something for implementing IMAP full-text search without java?

  2. tom

    Most people just seem to use Apache Lucene, but I"d strongly prefer not to run java on my servers

  3. ernst.on.tour

    Oh, didn't know that apache is a xmpp-server.

  4. junaid

    ernst.on.tour, the Apache web server is a software project under the Apache Software Foundation. Apache Lucene is another such project under the foundation.

  5. ernst.on.tour

    Ahh, and I thought this muc is for xmpp-service-offerer and tangenting problems.

  6. christian

    tom: PHP is OK?

  7. tom


  8. tom

    junaid: we are talking about something completely different

  9. tom

    Nothing to do with webservers

  10. junaid

    tom: sorry. the "didnt know that apache is a xmpp-server" comment seemed like ernst.on.tour was unfamiliar with ASF. I mean most people just think apache web server when they hear apache.

  11. christian

    Do you want to search in emails?

  12. christian

    In a IMAP Server ?

  13. tom

    Yeah, but more also for a general full text search engine

  14. tom

    Something to hook into Dovecot

  15. christian

    PHP can run in a Linux Server without a webserver. It is called CLI command line usage. http://php-cli.com/ and for this you can use https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.imap-search.php

  16. christian

    This is the state of the art.

  17. tom

    christian: I don't think you realize

  18. tom

    This is a client

  19. tom

    I'm talking about what implements the server-side of that

  20. christian

    Dovecot is a client?

  21. tom

    Dovecot is a server daemon christian

  22. tom

    Which implements IMAP

  23. christian

    Okay and php CLI is server side

  24. tom

    It needs a search engine, like lucene or xapian

  25. tom

    The thing you linked connects to an imap server

  26. tom

    Not implements some sever side functionality

  27. christian

    > Does anybody know of or can recommend something for implementing IMAP full-text search without java? This was the question?

  28. tom


  29. christian

    And you want to let user search mails in a IMAP server on full-text criteria?

  30. Martin


  31. christian


  32. Martin

    Hmm, profanity told me all xmpp.org sent invalid XML and I couldn't join those MUCs. From conv it worked. 🤔

  33. edhelas


  34. Martin

    You also see invalid xml from xmpp.org MUCs?

  35. Martin

    After a restart profanity could join again.

  36. edhelas

    I have this theory that if we continue to block the dumb bots and scripts that are creating fake accounts on our servers, after a while they will have to make accounts that are more and more realistic until a point where we're not able anymore to differentiate from a real one.

  37. Menel

    edhelas: https://m.xkcd.com/810/

  38. Ge0rG

    edhelas: I agree with you, but what's the alternative strategy?

  39. tom


  40. jonas’

    edhelas, read into Sybil attacks

  41. jonas’

    it’s all tricky

  42. tom


  43. jonas’

    and the winner of the contest for the longest http upload URL iiiiiiiisss .... tom!

  44. Martin

    Pfff, I have longer message IDs than that…

  45. tom


  46. tom

    It can be longer

  47. tom

    You can be sure of that

  48. andrey.utkin

    Is anybody aware of any developments around Open Service Definition since 2007? https://blog.okfn.org/2007/07/18/we-need-an-open-service-definition/#comment-1581