XMPP Service Operators - 2021-01-31

  1. mwk

    > mwk: you don't delete random files, yes the package is installed and your system doesn't know you removed it > `sudo apt install --reinstall docker-compose` Its work mate !

  2. mwk

    But now when i try docker-compose up -d , i got error version in docker-compose.yml is unsupported

  3. mwk

    You may see this error because your using the wrong compose file version

  4. mwk

    That the ./docker-compose.yml that i create with nano and put what they say inside from snikket website

  5. mwk

    I put in that file version 3.3 using nano like instructions in snikket website

  6. mwk


  7. mwk

    I check the version of docker-compose from terminal and i see its version 1.8.0

  8. mwk

    And docker -py version 1.9.0

  9. mwk

    Cpython version 2.7.12 and open ssl verdion 1.0.2g