XMPP Service Operators - 2021-02-13

  1. Kris

    anyone has an example of this running: https://modules.prosody.im/mod_muc_log_http.html

  2. Kris

    or a good (publically searchable) alternative to log mucs?

  3. tom

    No, i think it's kind of spooky for non-members to be reading that

  4. tom

    But theres some hosts on jabber.search.network who do

  5. Kris

    for some public rooms that are open for anyone to join why not

  6. Kris


  7. Kris

    is an example I guess?

  8. Kris

    This very server has it: https://logs.xmpp.org/operators/

  9. Kris

    the buttons at the top are customized or part of a newer version of it?

  10. Kris.


  11. tom

    » <Kris> for some public rooms that are open for anyone to join why not you generally see who's joined by looking at the roster. It's spooky to have someone who never shows up in the roster reading line for line what's going on in there, even if it's public

  12. tom

    It's like putting an amazon alexa in a public space

  13. tom

    Yes it's public

  14. tom

    But your conversations are intended for the people in the room with you

  15. Kris

    MAM is a thing though, so anyone joining later can just scroll back

  16. tom

    To a degree

  17. Kris

    same thing more or less

  18. tom

    Mam is not unlimited

  19. tom

    And you still have to join

  20. tom

    Mam provides context for conversations and robustness for intermittent connections

  21. Kris

    I think it depends on the room topic

  22. Kris

    for some channels it might make a lot of sense to make the history searchable

  23. tom

    For places like the XSF rooms sure

  24. Menel

    Kris: buttons on top are custom..

  25. Kris

    ok thanks

  26. Kris

    Menel, is the source code for this customization and also the nice corresponding ConverseJS config available somewhere?

  27. Menel

    I'm not the operator of this room, but right click on the website and "show source code" will give you a hint 😀 it just links to a xonversejs installation

  28. Menel


  29. tom


  30. tom


  31. tom


  32. tom

    Is it just me, or is noaa.gov's DNS servers always incredibly slow

  33. tom

    Every time i have to request a fresh aaaa record from them, it exceeds the timeout getting an answer back

  34. shaarad

    What's NOAA?

  35. shaarad

    Oh something related to Oceanography?

  36. shaarad

    Why would they run DNS servers? 😅

  37. tom

    The agency that we get all our weather predictions from

  38. tom

    Including space weather

  39. tom

    That also operates all of the GOES sattilites

  40. shaarad

    Sorry I'm not based in US

  41. shaarad

    But yes their website shows that

  42. tom


  43. tom


  44. tom

    Where are you and what is your regional equivalent shaarad?

  45. shaarad

    I'm in India and mostly the equivalent would be isro.gov.in

  46. wux

    Hi everyone, two of my users run into a connectivity issue. A and B can both connect to our XMPP server. When A sends a message to B, B doesn't receive it. A can receive messages from B.

  47. wux

    Does anyone have some tiime to help me troubleshooting? 🙂

  48. wux

    B is not behind a firewall. A is behind a firewall (just a linux ufw deny incoming).

  49. jonas’

    the firewalls are irrelevant if both connect fine to the server

  50. jonas’

    what kind of server software is it?

  51. wux


  52. pepta.net

    wux: 1/ just to be sure, is it _always_ reproducible that B do not receive? B never received a message? 2/ can you test with another network environment for B? 3/ Did you put rules to prevent messaging if not in roster/presence subscribed. If yes, check roster/presence subscription status of A on B account.

  53. mimi89999


  54. mimi89999


  55. mimi89999


  56. mimi89999


  57. mimi89999

    Would the server admins that disabled IBR enable it back if they could display such forms in most clients?

  58. Zash

    Does anyone deploy POSH <https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7711> for XMPP s2s, or know of any servers that do?

  59. tom

    Why do you use tools.ietf.org?

  60. tom

    » > Hello, » > I am trying to access the URL https://tools.ietf.org/html/bcp38 and » > receive a 403 Forbidden error. Specifically, this is the error I get: » > Forbidden » > You don't have permission to access /html/bcp38 on this server. » > Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use » > an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/2.2.22 (Debian) Server » > at tools.ietf.org Port 443 » > I believe this to be in error. Could you please allow my to access » > tools.ietf.org? » » » tools.ietf.org is not an official part of the IETF; it is a volunteer-run server over which the IETF has no control. You would need to contact webmaster@tools.ietf.org for help with that. » » However, I can tell you that the link you're using is wrong. The correct, official link for BCP38 is here: https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc2827.html » » I suggest you use that link instead. » » Thank you. » » Glen » -- » Glen Barney » IT Director » AMS (IETF Secretariat) »