XMPP Service Operators - 2021-02-26

  1. andrey.utkin

    Is there any tooling to migrate jid together with the message archives?

  2. archerships

    Apologies if this the wrong place to ask, but is there a XEP for handling cryptocurrency payments in the works? I looked here, but didn't see one: https://xmpp.org/extensions/

  3. Kris

    a gnu-taler xep would be awesome

  4. Kris

    there was this: https://www.voucher-safe.org/ but I think this was abandoned years ago

  5. archerships

    Ideally the standard(s) would specify how: 1. Users send payments to each other 2. Service operators charge for account creation, MUC creation, 3. Service operators/users use crypto payments as anti-spam feature (ie users could set a price for message delivery, which could be waived/refunded for whitelisted individuals).

  6. Kris

    IMHO, given that the cryptocurrency hype has come and gone (all ponzi schemes anyways) and no one n the XMPP community has every seriously attempted to make something like that, I think it is safe to assume it will not happen. Better ask over at Matrix, after all they are partially funded by cryptocurrencies.

  7. Kris


  8. archerships

    While there are certainly a lot of scamcoins, to paint them all as ponzi schemes is ridiculous.

  9. Kris

    feel free to disagree, but I think the entire idea is totally misguided and a failure to understand the purpose of currencies.

  10. raucao

    currencies are used for payments. i'm working on doing required donations via lightning network to get accounts on our server. having an XEP for doing in-band payment handling via lightning would not be useless imo

  11. raucao

    could also use interledger or something else i guess. just not what we'll do for ourselves

  12. raucao

    gnu taler would indeed be an option. personally i think it's the worst idea i can imagine, but obviously others think it's the only good one

  13. raucao

    (disclaimer: i think most of this can also be done without being an xmpp extension)

  14. archerships

    From my perspective the right approach would be to be cryptocurrency agnostic, and define the standard for which crypto wallets talk to the XMPP network.

  15. raucao

    sure. but i don't see how it's possible with vastly different technologies

  16. archerships

    Then service operators could decide which wallets they would support (gnu-taler, monero, bitcoin, etc).

  17. raucao

    "wallet" just means private key. it can be a key to very different networks with completely different concepts for how payments are done

  18. raucao

    interledger tries to be a common standard for it, but unfortunately no support for lightning yet, afaik

  19. archerships

    For example, part of the standard could be a defined mechanism to signal which wallets the XMPP service provider supports.

  20. raucao

    i guess, yeah

  21. archerships

    In any case, my purpose is not to hash out the standard here. I'm just trying to find out if anyone else is working one, so I don't duplicate effort.

  22. archerships

    Or to find a better place to ask my question.

  23. raucao

    afaik, nobody's working on something like that

  24. raucao

    but definitely ask around some more

  25. archerships