XMPP Service Operators - 2021-02-27

  1. yellowchopper

    archerships: I like your idea. Have you heard of btcpayserver? Using that, all you'd need to do is interact with it using its api

  2. raucao


  3. raucao

    works well with lightning network

  4. raucao

    both c-lightning and lnd

  5. raucao

    but what he wants is a common protocol for xmpp to include currency-agnostic payments

  6. raucao


  7. yellowchopper

    Cart before the horse? Wasnt ejabberd made first, and then xmpp standardized? Make it, then we can standardize it when it takes off

  8. archerships

    Thanks! Yes, I'm familiar with btcpayserver! It's great.

  9. archerships

    And yes, I don't think anyone should wait for XMPP standardization to act. But I do think it would be a good idea to get the conversation rolling.

  10. raucao

    sure, prototyping it before writing anything down is always a good idea, of course

  11. raucao

    this particular one is quite some work if you want to do it natively with an xmpp server, instead of just doing it all out-of-band and gluing up e.g. btcpay with ejabberd's REST API

  12. raucao

    and some web UI for e.g. creating the paid room

  13. raucao

    or signing up

  14. yellowchopper


  15. yellowchopper

    I see the desire to do it in-band since a sunk cost (often coincides with "proof of burn") per account would stop spam, thus reviving the feature

  16. mimi89999

    tl;dr what's the idea?

  17. mimi89999

    Pay with BTC for an XMPP account? Please don't!

  18. allie


  19. Licaon_Kter

    mimi89999: no, eg Status.im has a Pay button right in the chat, I guess the posts above want something like that, but with a XEP

  20. allie

    that just really seems like something that should happen out-of-band, imo.