XMPP Service Operators - 2021-03-14

  1. Martin

    opuntia.io admin here? Your cert is expired.

  2. Martin

    Establishing a secure connection from mdosch.de to opuntia.io failed. Certificate hash: f008a4cd58156cd51b6cbbb9b965e411af1ba72ec15283e028f717d8c166b6bf. Error with certificate 0: certificate has expired.

  3. Martin

    > <info@opuntia.io>: connect to opuntia.io[]:25: Connection timed > out Mail also doesn't work. 😒

  4. ernst.on.tour

    @Zash Cannot post prosody-top-level-error HAL told me: Quota has been exceeded

  5. Martin

    He might get not highlighted with @ ernst.on.tour

  6. Martin

    He might not get highlighted with @ ernst.on.tour

  7. ernst.on.tour

    Thanks Need to cleanup browser-storage and change nick to post again