XMPP Service Operators - 2021-03-27

  1. raghavgururajan

    Are editing sent messages possible in XMPP?

  2. [czar]

    Only the last sent iirc

  3. [czar]

    But all the tui clients (the ones I know) just ignore the edit and create a new message

  4. menel

    Its possible, but there are Clients that allow editing any message. (e.g. conversejs) and some that only allow the last (conversations) In public channels sometimes it does not work ans the fallback is to just show a new message. This is due the anonymity in public channels. It works completely reliable for me in 1:1 and private groups.

  5. mathieui

    [czar]: uh, poezio has supported corrections for like 10 years, and I would be surprised that profanity does not

  6. Martin

    Profanity can do LMC.

  7. thndrbvr

    Can anyone tell me whether or not these DNS records are correct? https://bin.disroot.org/?a80b254e4228c17b#HzcXm6tDaJFgysujTUPyDDfZfMrgJYUDWHzPKEep2yj1 I'm unable to register an account on the server. Could it be an nginx issue instead? ufw: ports 5222, 5223, 5269 are open

  8. Licaon_Kter

    thndrbvr: which server software?

  9. thndrbvr


  10. MattJ

    thndrbvr, do you get an error?

  11. thndrbvr

    MattJ, PSI+ tells me: There was an error communicating with the XMPP server. Details: Connection Error: Unable to connect to server. After about a minute. Just checked the err log on the server and it said something about the security certs. Disabled all the TLS related stuff in the config, restarted metronome, and tried registering again. Same issue. This time err log showed no errors. Other log had nothing beyond "debug" and "info" level, so no warnings even.

  12. MattJ

    If it wasn't instant then it sounds like a DNS or firewall issue

  13. MattJ

    (DNS == wrong IP, firewall == blocked port)

  14. thndrbvr

    I followed https://prosody.im/doc/dns & https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0156.html Could fail2ban be blocking something? What other ports need to be open?

  15. thndrbvr

    That's definitely the right IP address. I'm ssh'd into the server with it. Lol

  16. thndrbvr

    Maybe Hestia Control Panel has something that I don't know about aside from ufw

  17. MattJ

    I can't connect to port 5222

  18. MattJ

    It times out

  19. MattJ

    So, firewall issues (if that's the correct IP)

  20. thndrbvr

    Alright. Thanks. I'll see if I can find something else on the server that might be interfering. Hmm

  21. thndrbvr

    Should iptables for port 5222 be something other than ?

  22. thndrbvr

    I ran iptables -nL to view info

  23. MattJ

    No, that's fine

  24. MattJ

    Assuming it's an accept rule :)

  25. thndrbvr

    Yep. Accept TCP & UDP. Source & destination are all 0's. dpt:5222

  26. thndrbvr

    I can't imagine Flokinet would be blocking some ports for a dedicated server? Why would it block these? That being said, I also can't send mail via HestiaCP's Roundcube but can log in and recieve mail there & in a desktop client. Thinking it might be the same issue? It's using Exim and port 25 is also open as far as I can tell..

  27. thndrbvr

    It seems to work but only when I completely disable the firewall. Lol..

  28. moparisthebest

    Sounds like the order of the firewall rules is wrong then

  29. jayteeuk

    I would say definitely firewall. How are you configuring it? Using ufw?