XMPP Service Operators - 2021-04-19

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  166. christian > jonas’, can I use XMPP? > I dislike email Depends. Xmpp is for to express ideas and/or brainstorm. But if you really have something to say you must write a mail.
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  170. Licaon_Kter christian: you've missed context
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  416. mimi89999 Who is running badxmpp.eu ?
  417. Sam Zash, I think
  418. mimi89999 A Prosody dev I guess
  419. mimi89999 Could we get C2S support even with the server rejecting all login attempts?
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  425. Martin 19.04.21 18:19:23 - magicbot@magicbroccoli.de: contact addresses for badxmpp.eu are - abuse-addresses : - admin-addresses : - feedback-addresses : mailto:zash+badxmpp@zash.se , xmpp:zash@zash.se - sales-addresses : - security-addresses : - support-addresses :
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  544. andrey.utkin Does anybody here use "infrastructure as code" (e.g. Terraform) and configuration management tool (e.g. Ansible) for your XMPP server?
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  549. Sam I use Terraform quite heavily (or used to, I don't think I have anything deployed right this moment that's using it). Haven't used a configuration management tool in a long time though.
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  553. andrey.utkin i am interested in learning and trying to apply these tools on my XMPP server; i find it not justifiable on its own merit for a single tiny server, but it could be more interesting if there was a group of similarly minded people collaborating on common codebase which they use to deploy & update their servers.
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  555. menel I think somewhere at xmpp:chat@joinjabber.org?join did do it for prosody? You could ask there
  556. Sam Terraform tends to be pretty service specific, I don't know how useful that would be unless lots of people are all deploying on DigialOcean or Amazon or whatever
  557. Sam I'll have to dig it up out of backups because I avoid self-hosting at all costs these days but I might have some old terraform scripts for deploying Prosody to Vultr or Linode or something somewhere if you want them
  558. andrey.utkin true, that's one of my concerns, the code would be not so reusable
  559. Sam It's reusable as long as you're using the same service (mostly). You could rewrite it for various different services with similar options maybe and keep it all in a repo so that people can import the one they want.
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  561. andrey.utkin thanks for offering your configs Sam, i may be fine without, but i would appreciate if you find and share it.
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  564. Sam I'll dig around tonight and see if I still have them. They'll need updating to hcl2 probably.
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  567. rob I'm adding prosody to homelabos which is all ansible, it's working just needs tweeks and docs
  568. andrey.utkin ooh https://github.com/snikket-im/snikket-terraform-aws
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  570. rob https://homelabos.com/ if your interested
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  572. andrey.utkin thanks rob
  573. rob Your welcome
  574. rob I'll update my branch and open a merge request soon so you can see the changes
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  583. octagon > Does anybody here use "infrastructure as code" (e.g. Terraform) and configuration management tool (e.g. Ansible) for your XMPP server? Seems like overkill
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  585. Sam I find that Terraform is extremely useful even for small personal servers. Inevitably a drive will die, or your datacenter will burn down, or something bad will happen and you'll want to spin up the same machine again in the exact same way.
  586. Sam Or you just won't want to waste hours provisioning new stuff and instead you can just run a single command and have a machine start and all the stuff you need installed.
  587. andrey.utkin true, that's why i am looking for collaboration. Seems Snikket team has code for Terraform and Ansible, which is exciting. Their Prosody config differs substantially from my config (and preferences), but it might be worth for me to tag along
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  589. octagon If you have a lot of servers/services that is understanble
  590. octagon But for one or two things the learning curve isn't worth it. Unless you are doing it TO learn it
  591. octagon Just my 2¢ There is prob a better muc to talk pro/cons
  592. andrey.utkin it is a good job security plan for me to learn it anyway 🙂 this toolkit is about high legibility, low cost of change and low risk of change. After ~5 years, i find it quite dreadful to make risky changes, and it doesn't help that I run my server on Gentoo.
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  594. andrey.utkin i would think server maintenance tooling is on topic for "XMPP Service Operators" chatroom 🙂
  595. mathieui yeah that seems on-point
  596. mathieui I do have most of my setup on ansible, but I find secrets/data management quite lacking
  597. mathieui so I need to cross-interact with borg extract to have something decent
  598. mathieui (as I do FDE nowadays and do not run my infrastructure on a VM, terraform is not much use to me, but otherwise I would probably use it)
  599. mathieui (plus it is made by hashicorp, which generally makes good quality open-source tools)
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  602. andrey.utkin FDE & no VM = dedicated hardware server which you have to feed a password to open its encrypted storage?
  603. mathieui Yes
  604. octagon Tang/clevis?
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  606. mathieui technically not *full* disk encryption, as I have an initrd with an ssh server for unlocking
  607. octagon Oh the dropbear in init?
  608. mathieui yes
  609. octagon How often do you reboot for updates?
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  611. mathieui we have had two reboots in a year
  612. octagon That doesn't seem secure
  613. mathieui it’s not perfect, but it’s better than not doing it
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  617. mathieui (covers theft/seizures/decommissions of drives, but not awesome against an attacker that has access to it during downtime)
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  619. octagon I meant the patching part
  620. octagon The dropbear method for fde is good
  621. mathieui services are restarted more often than the server is rebooted
  622. mathieui and the kernel is not the one with the most vulns these days
  623. octagon Services sandboxed?
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  625. octagon Example for topicness https://github.com/divestedcg/Brace/blob/master/brace/usr/lib/systemd/system/ejabberd.service.d/99-brace.conf
  626. mathieui octagon, somewhat sandboxed with systemd yes, though I find the options a bit hard to navigate
  627. mathieui but realistically, the most exposed service is prosody, and if an attacker gains access to prosody, they already have everything sensitive there is to get ^^"
  628. mathieui I do wish most systemd units were secure by default
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  654. rob I'm running everything on a dedicated on prem system at home, no disk encryption because I was lazy but am using btrfs so maybe I will change as I replace drives in the pool? Idk if it works like that. It's all docker with non public services behind authentication (authy)
  655. rob And everything deploys with one command of I point it at an ip
  656. rob And everything deploys with one command if I point it at an ip
  657. rob I do have maybe two dozen services though, so wouldn't want to spin all that up manually
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  659. octagon rob: you can indeed luks a drive, add it to btrfs, balance it, and rm the old drive, until they are all encrypted
  660. octagon Works quite well
  661. octagon All online, btrfs very impressive
  662. rob Sweet, I was hoping so. And since I'll usually be around to reboot it's fine to punch in the phrase by hand every month or two
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  664. rob I've already added and rebalanced but haven't done any encryption
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  681. tom What's going on with yax.im?
  682. tom I'm getting lots of errors federating
  683. tom Error 500s join mucs
  684. tom Mucs dissapearing and coming back
  685. tom Error 404
  686. tom Connection timeouts
  687. Sam /cc Ge0rG
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  689. moparisthebest He was having load issues due to covid app thing
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  691. octagon I read that, what app?
  692. moparisthebest octagon: https://yaxim.org/blog/2021/04/09/vaxbot-performance-challenge/
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  694. octagon That is neat!
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