XMPP Service Operators - 2021-04-27

  1. christian

    What is o.j.n ?

  2. Martin


  3. jonas’

    tom, I’m not going to make monitoring data of domains public without their consent, buuut: https://github.com/horazont/xmppobserve-web/issues/3

  4. jonas’

    Problem is with exposing that data without also exposing the monitoring data of all my private services, as the infrastructure is currently shared

  5. jonas’

    I have another box I could use to help with that, but its availability is questionable, so I’m hesitant there

  6. jonas’

    I need to check the memory use on the new monitoring box and whether it’d allow me to split the TSDB in two instances there

  7. jonas’

    I already have a closed beta where ojn users can access their own monitoring data in a grafana instance ... but that still has too many issues (so registrations for that are currently closed and that’s also why it’s not advertised anywhere)

  8. jonas’

    hoping to improve on all that in the future, but Prometheus is not really made for tenant separation and running a separate instance for each user is going to be too expensive. So I’ll most likely have to roll my own proxy in front of that which correctly isolates the data

  9. neox

    Hi everyone. As a reminder (just in case) I am the operator of the chapril.org server. I have had user feedback that audio/video calls do not work when both parties are using 4G (LTE). They can only connect if at least one of them is behind a NAT (for example using wifi or ethernet). What could be the problem? (We use ejabberd)

  10. jonas’

    add a TURN server

  11. jonas’

    I think your observation is incomplete; 4G/LTE is very likely to be a CGNAT which tend to be worse for peer to peer connectivity than "classic" NATs.

  12. jonas’

    so while "classic" NATs can sometimes be worked around either via proper IPv6 support or hole punching, CGNATs are nasty

  13. jonas’

    and a TURN server helps with that

  14. jonas’

    when you deploy a STUN/TURN server pair, please pick a random port number (e.g. from the range 8192 -- 32768); the standard port number is being abused in DDoS attacks.

  15. jonas’

    neox, ^

  16. neox

    jonas’, well... I didn't know about CGNAT, thank you. We already activated the ejabberd internal TURN server, and it relays data sucessfully, so perhaps is it misconfigured for that special case ?

  17. jonas’

    neox, how do you know that it is relaying data successfully?

  18. neox

    jonas’, i see that in the ejabberd logs

  19. jonas’

    what do you see?

  20. neox

    jonas’, an amount of data relayed

  21. jonas’

    I don’t know how and what exactly is measured there

  22. jonas’

    have you run the tests described in https://gist.github.com/iNPUTmice/a28c438d9bbf3f4a3d4c663ffaa224d9 ?

  23. jonas’

    or more specifically: https://gist.github.com/iNPUTmice/a28c438d9bbf3f4a3d4c663ffaa224d9#testing

  24. jonas’

    I had a subtle misconfiguration in my TURN setup which made everything look great except when used via XMPP (typo in the prosody configuration---so probably not directly relevant to you)

  25. neox

    jonas’, thank you very much. I did not check with that tools, I'm doing it right now

  26. jonas’

    good luck! :)

  27. balabol.im

    > when you deploy a STUN/TURN server pair, please pick a random port number (e.g. from the range 8192 -- 32768); the standard port number is being abused in DDoS attacks. Ah, that's what it is. I see strange traffic on 3478/udp ~15-25kbps from time to time...

  28. jonas’

    balabol.im, yeah, that seems related

  29. balabol.im

    jonas’: i'll try to change portnumber, thanks for advice :)

  30. jonas’

    balabol.im, make sure to also change the "alt" port number and set it to the main port number plus one

  31. balabol.im

    jonas’: hmm...i don't remember setting the _alt_ port...you mean turn tcp/5349?...maybe you're talking about prosody?

  32. jonas’

    no, alt port is 3479 by default

  33. jonas’

    if you’re using coturn, it is literally called `alt-xyz-port`

  34. rob

    Oh that's good to know, I only changed the regular port

  35. balabol.im

    No, i use ejabberd with built-in turn Afair there wasn't _alt_ port

  36. octagon

    > when you deploy a STUN/TURN server ... the standard port number is being abused in DDoS attacks. TURN is authenticated, isn't it?

  37. jonas’


  38. jonas’

    and that makes it worse

  39. jonas’

    or well, the protocol around authentication makes it worse

  40. jonas’

    the problem here is that you can send a 20 byte UDP packet to a STUN server and get 100 bytes back

  41. jonas’

    so for every byte of traffic sent to the STUN server, it emits 5 bytes.

  42. octagon

    Even without access?

  43. jonas’


  44. jonas’

    that’s just STUN

  45. jonas’

    with TURN and auth it gets worse, because the "not authorized" message is even larger

  46. octagon

    That is concerning

  47. jonas’


  48. jonas’

    and UDP being UDP, an attacker can spoof the source address if their ISP is crappy (or suitable, depending on how you look at it) and thus make the reply go wherever they want

  49. jonas’

    and there is no way to track them down except with very sophisticated techniques basically requiring cooperation of the entire internet.

  50. jonas’

    then again, STUN is pretty good still with an amplification factor of 1:5

  51. jonas’

    then again, STUN is pretty good still with an amplification factor of 5:1

  52. jonas’

    given that any random authoritative DNS server will probably have a better yield

  53. jonas’

    and you can’t move *those* to a random port.

  54. octagon

    Is it viable to disable UDP? Is voice over TCP that inefficient?

  55. jonas’

    not viable, ICE works over UDP

  56. jonas’

    and yeah, voice over TCP is bad. a single dropped packet will cause a massive delay and will take a while to recover from also bandwidth wise

  57. jonas’

    while a single dropped packet with UDP may not even be noticeable if the codec does forward error correction.

  58. octagon

    Thanks for the clarification

  59. jonas’

    but the actual media stream is irrelevant here, because that only happens post-auth

  60. jonas’

    the problem is the parts needed during ICE

  61. jonas’

    the problem are the parts needed during ICE, before anything has been negotiated

  62. jonas’

    this is clearly a design flaw in STUN/TURN.

  63. jonas’

    "not authorized" should not cause any reply in UDP-based protocols.

  64. jonas’

    but here we are

  65. balabol.im

    jonas’: thank you for explaining, it was very interesting to know

  66. jonas’

    you’re welcome

  67. rob

    > Oh that's good to know, I only changed the regular port I forgot I didn't open that port so it doesn't matter in my case

  68. jayteeuk

    I know I mostly lurk here, but this ☝ is exactly why I continue to lurk. I love how informative and educational it is. ♥

  69. Holger

    jonas’: > this is clearly a design flaw in STUN/TURN. > "not authorized" should not cause any reply in UDP-based protocols. Yeah, the problem is how STUN/TURN auth is challenge-response. The server won't know whether the response will be valid before sending a challenge to the possibly spoofed IP address.

  70. tom


  71. tom


  72. tom

    Gosh, my computer keeps hanging, despite the oboard intel watchdog being armed

  73. tom

    It locks up where not even the numlock key works on a PS/2 keyboard, despite the keyboard being directly wired to the second highest interupt

  74. tom

    Below timer

  75. tom

    I have to press reset on the physical board, of which it doesn't do anything for 15 seconds then kills power

  76. tom

    During the hang POST code is still 00

  77. tom

    Do intel watchdogs have to be tickled a certain way or something?

  78. tom

    Could this be due to bad ram timings?

  79. mimi89999

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