XMPP Service Operators - 2021-05-04

  1. tom

    Does anybody know where I can find or get a working implementation of STANAG 5066 or equivalent technology?

  2. tom

    Basically something I can plug into my setup with SOCAT

  3. tom

    I want to modify 56K dialup modems to work over ham radio and offer my XMPP s2s service over HF using these modems

  4. tom

    I believe I can achieve much better bitrates than 9.6K without the use of proprietary technology like PACTOR III by modifying high end dialup modems and tapping the Rx and Tx lines before the AC Coupling transformer and a custom circuit to hook in the S-meter on the radio to the carrier detect in the analog modem

  5. tom

    I'd like to fire off a tcp connection to a special port on my xmpp server when CD is activated to start an XMPP s2s session

  6. tom

    That way i'm also not actually transmitting anything on the uplink unless someone keys up ounce on the downlink

  7. jonas’

    remember that you MUST NOT use crypto over ham radio

  8. Licaon_Kter

    jonas’: why?

  9. jonas’


  10. tom

    Laws stuck in the 1940s

  11. tom

    You could be a nazi or soviet spy sending signals to the kremlin

  12. tom

    Can't have that

  13. jonas’

    just like you MUST NOT talk about things concerning religion, politics etc. etc.

  14. jonas’

    and you MUST NOT relay messages for others

  15. jonas’

    and you MUST NOT relay messages for others which are not hams

  16. jonas’

    say what you want about those rules, they effectively allowed people to stay in contact across the iron border back in the cold war.

  17. thndrbvr

    Religion, politics, and libre sw/hw are are the only things I want to talk about.. lol

  18. jonas’

    thndrbvr, then ham radio is not for you :)

  19. 404.city

    > ‎tom‎: You could be a nazi or soviet spy sending signals to the kremlin MattJ Great topic for chatting XMPP operators! Do you mind if I join this conversation and tell you about the reptilians?

  20. 404.city


  21. MattJ

    Thanks for the highlight, this conversation is indeed off topic

  22. tom

    Is anybody here using STANAG 5066?

  23. MattJ

    I highly doubt it

  24. mike

    you might have better luck at ham@conference.mastodon.radio

  25. jonas’

    (to be fair, it started off as XMPP topic :))

  26. MattJ

    It usually does :)

  27. tom


  28. tom

    riseup.net yax.im anonym.im yourdata.forsale pimux.de matrix.org lain.church jabber.uk jabber.calyxinstitute.org blabber.im Could you please update your cryptographic library to support TLSv1.3 ?

  29. tom

    Please update your crypto library to supports TLSv1.3 and AEAD ciphersuites

  30. tom

    Especially calyx, your still using SHA1

  31. thndrbvr

    Riseup is shutting down their XMPP services.

  32. neox

    Good evening, is there any admin of nixnet.xyz here ? Server seems down