XMPP Service Operators - 2021-05-06

  1. tom

    » <mjk> Yeah, I mean.. » ```lua » print(([[A programmer has a problem, they think, I know I'll use a regex! Now they have 2 problems]]):match(' (.+) problems?')) » ``` TRUE

  2. rob

    Is the siacs.eu server down?

  3. Araucaria

    Doesn't seem so, https://status.conversations.im/ Unless that is a different one

  4. rob

    I just noticed the C room appears to have no members and I can't send a message

  5. rob

    Other server mucs are working fine

  6. rob

    Ah very weird, I left and rejoined now it works *shrug*

  7. moparisthebest

    Yep that's a MUC

  8. rob

    > Yep that's a MUC Is there a way to avoid it? As a server operator or anything?

  9. Menel

    For me it seems to be a problem with canged server IP, and the remote server didn't notice. I think s2s bidi can help, also s2s keepalive. But for ejabberd i don't know.

  10. rob

    Thanks Menel, I'm running prosody so will look into it

  11. Menel

    Problem is: the remote needs to run it

  12. Menel

    Prosody also has s2s smacks if you enable it.. But for me it was not enough.. I think the remote would need something, nothing I can do

  13. rob

    Ya, just wondering for future if I'm running public mucs