XMPP Service Operators - 2021-05-20

  1. thndrbvr

    I assume matterbridge needs to be installed on the XMPP server and not just any client/muc mod user who wants to bridge?

  2. tom

    Techniclly no

  3. tom

    I don't know if it supports it, but there's a generic module for prosody called webhooks

  4. tom

    It allows a daemon to emulate users via an api

  5. tom

    I wish an equivalent existed for irc

  6. rob

    Maybe more info from xmpp:matterbridge@conference.jabber.de

  7. rob

    Looks like you can install it wherever, and supply the jid server etc, https://github.com/42wim/matterbridge/wiki/Settings#xmpp

  8. tom

    Are there any better options than matterbridge for irc?

  9. ben


  10. qrpnxz

    bioumi is excellent

  11. qrpnxz

    link https://biboumi.louiz.org/

  12. tom

    No, the other way around

  13. tom

    Where XMPP is the source of authority

  14. ben

    i guess bitlbee?

  15. tom


  16. tom

    I thought that was a private bouncher

  17. ben

    there are some public bitlbees

  18. ben

    i used to use https://irc.net

  19. ben

    but i'm using it right now to use xmpp from my irc client

  20. rob


  21. ben

    doesn't support omemo and the config is a bit annoying but in general it works pretty well

  22. rob

    I think I like biboumi, or rather being able to get on IRC from my xmpp clients

  23. ben

    yeah i have a couple users on my server that use that exclusively

  24. ben

    i just like my irc client too much and have all the muscle memory there

  25. rob

    The last 'client' I was using was thelounge

  26. rob

    I still have it up and running

  27. ben

    i use weechat

  28. ben

    i imagine most folks here would prefer the biboumi setup

  29. rob

    I was weechat before hosting the lounge

  30. rob

    I like tuis

  31. ben

    poezio and profanity haven't scratched the itch well enough for me :P

  32. tom

    Does anybody have a known working jingle transfer setup?

  33. tom

    And would be willing to help me test jingle transfers

  34. Martin

    Establishing a secure connection from diebesban.de to spaceboyz.net failed. Certificate hash: 01c8819440d79d88f75686efb5b4857f2e0bf93080cc17216d52fcad9d2bf01d. Error with certificate 0: certificate has expired.

  35. arne

    > And would be willing to help me test jingle transfers

  36. arne

    we could try tom

  37. arne

    if it's still a question. Which client?

  38. me9

    Hey there! I would recommend you XMPP server operators, if you haven't already and if your server even has it, to update from a Tor Hidden Service v2 to a v3 soon, because it won't work anymore in a month. Look here for more: https://blog.torproject.org/v2-deprecation-timeline

  39. me9

    (An admin told me it was really easy and that they only needed the linked website for it.)

  40. mjk


  41. Link Mauve

    “19:05:21 moparisthebest> at your own domain, what else offers that ?”, we do at JabberFR.

  42. Link Mauve


  43. moparisthebest

    Link Mauve, users only or also MUCs ?

  44. Link Mauve

    You can ask for either.

  45. moparisthebest

    nice! interesting that makes jabberfr and cheogram the only 2 places I know that offer both: 1. public biboumi 2. bring-your-own-domain muc hosting

  46. Link Mauve

    We do check the DNS setup, after which it sends us an email with what you entered.

  47. Link Mauve

    We do check the DNS setup automatically, after which it sends us an email with what you entered.

  48. moparisthebest

    lots of IRC channels seem to be wishing for a bring-your-own-domain IRC host at the moment, I don't know of any of those though...

  49. Kris

    IRC has gotten super easy to self-host with oragono.io

  50. Kris

    used to be quite a mess with all the different services

  51. moparisthebest

    interesting, yea I've been running inspircd + atheme for years and it's.. bad, especially atheme

  52. Kris

    but Oragono comes with the most important stuff build in and runs very nicely on low end hardware

  53. ben

    i keep hearing that atheme is better than anope

  54. ben

    i've been running anope + inspircd for years and it works fine

  55. Kris

    give Oragono a try

  56. moparisthebest

    yea I think it is ben

  57. moparisthebest

    but that's like saying I'd rather be shot than stabbed

  58. ben

    i've tried oragono, but it doesn't have server-linking

  59. Kris

    ah, true

  60. ben

    the migration scripts are all broken and anope works fine for now so shrug

  61. Kris

    ist that really a commonly used feature for IRC?

  62. ben

    for any medium to large network, yes

  63. ben

    my network is sub 1000 users rn

  64. Kris

    they are working on a cluster setup for oragono

  65. moparisthebest

    but most projects that want to run their own only need/want 1 server

  66. Kris

    yeah and Oragono scales to 10000 users no problem according to the developers

  67. ben

    yep it's great for small to medium scale

  68. Kris


  69. ben

    yeah i've read through that :)

  70. moparisthebest

    back in the day we used to run 2 nodes and it just caused more headache than a single one

  71. moparisthebest

    the likelihood 1 of 2 servers goes down is double that of 1 server going down, and with netsplits, equally or more disruptive

  72. ben

    10 in our net

  73. ben