XMPP Service Operators - 2021-05-21

  1. Jake

    Can someone point me in a direction to log data using xmpp

  2. Jake


  3. ben

    what do you mean?

  4. Jake

    I use xoa for my hypervisor

  5. Jake

    and it has a xmpp plugin

  6. Jake

    and I Want to log data over it

  7. Jake


  8. rob

    Not sure, did you read the docs for it?

  9. rob

    I'm assuming it would need an account, then you configure it to send you alerts?

  10. rob


  11. rob

    Is that what you mean? Jake

  12. qy

    authbot, MattJ, ralphm: can we get a muc icon?

  13. MattJ

    If someone contributes one, sure :)

  14. MattJ

    Not something I have time for right now

  15. qy


  16. qy

    Hows that :p

  17. Sam

    That's what the xsf channel uses which would be confusing

  18. croax

    Looks like more XSF & protocol oriented

  19. qy


  20. qy

    This? Lol

  21. croax

    :-) trademark?

  22. qy


  23. qy


  24. qy


  25. rob


  26. qy


  27. qy


  28. qy

    MattJ: ralphm: there ya go

  29. Sam

    no way that's going to work in a tiny icon :) you won't even be able to tell what it is at icon size

  30. rob

    Sorry I was kidding

  31. Sam

    I honestly wasn't sure :)

  32. rob

    I'm trying to thing of a good idea though

  33. rob

    I'm trying to think of a good idea though

  34. Araucaria

    I made one, but it probably isn't appropriate

  35. rob

    But now I'm intrigued

  36. qy

    Oh lol

  37. qy

    Araucaria: go go go

  38. qy


  39. qy


  40. Araucaria

    Mine was a picture of soldiers with the XMPP logo for faces

  41. qy

    .. lol

  42. qrpnxz


  43. qrpnxz

    qy, that's cool. You make that?

  44. qy

    Heck no, nicked it off some svg

  45. rob

    That kind of idea is what I was thinking though, something webby and interconnected

  46. qy

    Just use that then

  47. qy

    Its just a button icon

  48. rob

    As long as it's free to use I don't see why not

  49. rob

    Not that I'm any decision maker here ๐Ÿค“

  50. qy

    That would be MattJ and ralphm ๐Ÿ‘€

  51. qy

    We good guys?

  52. Araucaria

    what is the license of that file?

  53. Araucaria

    also how does that symbol reflect/correlate with xmpp?

  54. qy

    Not licenced, was a random svg. And, its network-y :p

  55. Araucaria

    no license means you can't use it

  56. Sam

    meh, mo one will care about an icon on a chat

  57. Araucaria

    I care

  58. Sam

    you don't have legal standing

  59. Araucaria


  60. qy

    Ooh nice

  61. pintosesk

    I'll root around for the official XMPP SVG and add sone vector objects to differentiate it, maybe, and see what ya think.

  62. qy

    An icon

  63. pintosesk

    if it doesn't have a license, can't it get a license added to it?

  64. rob

    Very nice

  65. Licaon_Kter

    Corona service ops? Oh wa-

  66. xorman

    whoa we have avatar!

  67. qy

    Blessed day

  68. Martin

    Looks good also it would be nice to see a link to operators although I don't know how to do that. Adding a wrench and skrewdriver?

  69. Anhydrous

    Sweet avatar!

  70. MattJ

    Yes, great idea! Off you go: https://matthewwild.co.uk/uploads/xmpp-network-logo.svg :)

  71. jonasโ€™

    looks unhappy ;)

  72. Link Mauve

    Only in IPv6 though.

  73. Martin

    MattJ: Sorry hockey world cup started. Maybe I play with it tomorrow.

  74. MattJ

    TIL there's a hockey world cup, but of course there is

  75. qy


  76. Anhydrous

    Stanley cup?

  77. MattJ

    Happy to take any amendments to the avatar, but not going to spend more time on it than I just did

  78. Anhydrous

    MattJ: looks good, matt!

  79. Martin

    MattJ: To be clear: icehockey, not field hockey. ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. moparisthebest

    it's certainly an improvement to [#] with a random color, good job :)

  81. Martin

    Anhydrous: > Stanley cup? Nope, iihf world cup. Not as exciting as Olympics as it is yearly, but stillโ€ฆ Gotta watch some nice hockey.

  82. Link Mauve

    MattJ, here is a cleaned-up version that is about 50% of the size of the original, and lower than the 10ย KiB limit even when base64โ€™d:

  83. Link Mauve


  84. Anhydrous

    Martin: TIL

  85. MattJ

    Link Mauve, the room is using a PNG, but thanks ;)

  86. Link Mauve


  87. MattJ

    If someone edits it, they can base it off your version

  88. Martin

    Anhydrous: You're profile pic looks like you're more into ะšะฅะ›.

  89. Anhydrous

    Martin: that is incidental. It is nicholas cage in traditional kazakh garb with a thousand yard stare. I am not kazakh, but thought it looked so cool.

  90. pintosesk

    aw, this icon being used is super nice.

  91. pintosesk

    good stuff!

  92. MattJ


  93. millesimus

    Nice MUC avatar ๐Ÿ‘

  94. Martin

    Anhydrous: I haven't seen anyone wearing this outfit when I was in Kazakhstan. ๐Ÿ™

  95. Anhydrous

    Kazakhstan is modern

  96. Anhydrous

    Astana is space age

  97. Anhydrous

    <3 kazakhstan

  98. christian

    Link Mauve, great svg !!! Congrats ..

  99. Ellenor Malik

    I like

  100. raghavgururajan

    Nice logo!

  101. tom

    It shows a fully connected mesh but xmpp is a partially connected mesh right?

  102. MattJ

    Hi tom, we missed you :)

  103. tom


  104. tom

    I wasn't gone that long was I?

  105. MattJ

    No idea, you weren't around earlier the one time I looked

  106. tom

    Glad to be missed =3

  107. Menel

    Alle the operators are connected in this riomt, sonit fits.. Its just a room avatar...

  108. MattJ

    I wanted to ask if you ever got federation working over I2P, iirc it was something you had brought up a while back

  109. Menel

    Alle the operators are connected in this room sonit fits.. Its just a room avatar...

  110. tom

    Oh, well

  111. tom

    That required making a custom module

  112. tom

    I didn't install it myself but i know the person who did

  113. tom

    I didn't really want to install a module that wasn't part of community-modules and managed separately, so i stuck with mod_onions

  114. tom

    The problem is that mod_darknet and mod_onion conflicts

  115. tom

    One of my friends decided to finally merge the two and clean it up, but i don't remember their git repo at this time

  116. MattJ

    Might it be this one? https://github.com/majestrate/mod_darknet

  117. tom

    No that's the i2p-only one

  118. Araucaria

    Why i2p over Tor?

  119. tom

    Tor is centralized

  120. tom

    Tor doesn't support udp

  121. tom

    When people attack the tor central servers, everybody has downtime

  122. tom

    The downside is that the latency and bandwidth *can* be worse

  123. tom


  124. tom

    That's because i2p is decentralized on random people's computers

  125. tom

    Rather than just big professionally hosted cloud servers

  126. tom

    For xmpp maybe that doesn't matter so much

  127. Kris

    (owned by the NSA ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  128. tom

    It's kind of annoying on interactive web usuage

  129. tom

    But that's also a privacy plus that makes timing correlation attacks and global adversary attacks much harder

  130. tom


  131. tom

    And i2p does have a sense of transient 'tunnel id'

  132. tom

    Which is helpful for metigating ddos attacks or temporarily blocking abusers without privacy implications

  133. tom

    Basically, you can tell originators apart for a short period and for a local-loopback tunnel the different originators come over to your daemons as 127.0.0.N

  134. tom

    Or ipv6

  135. tom

    An actually use for the rest of the 127.0.0 block

  136. MattJ

    I might have a play with it some time, it interests me a little more than tor

  137. MattJ

    Basically had someone asking for something like federation with hidden services, and just wondered about what options there were (currently and/or with a bit of work)

  138. Araucaria

    I did onion only xmpp a few years back, but every bit of it was leaky

  139. tom

    It works

  140. tom

    The tor option is more mature, but both work and are relatively simple

  141. qy

    > i2p over Tor

  142. qy

    this seems overkill

  143. tom

    Honestly I really should get both tor and i2p working over the same time

  144. tom

    I've just been busy with other things

  145. Araucaria

    qy: I meant what are the benefits of using i2p instead of tor

  146. qy


  147. qy


  148. qy


  149. tom

    That's not what we are talking about qy

  150. tom

    I'm talking about federating with tor-only, i2p-only, and tor/i2p mapped xmpp servers at the same time

  151. tom

    MattJ: the tor route IS something i've had to do with some nodes in other countries who deal with internet censorship

  152. tom

    Setup a tor-map so that the s2s connection is routed over tor bypassing the country's censors

  153. Araucaria

    https://gist.github.com/dllud/a46d4a555e31dfeff6ad41dcf20729ac Is there any better map then that one available?

  154. tom

    Araucaria: I would not use some rando's published list

  155. tom


  156. tom

    Those are using the older deprecated and less secure onionv2

  157. tom

    Contact operators directly and ask them for their onions, verify their jid via https://xmpp.org/extensions/attic/xep-0157-1.1.1.html

  158. tom

    To confirm your actually speaking to the operator

  159. tom

    It would be nice if there was a way to publish onions and b32.i2ps via alt-connection-methods or dns or something

  160. Araucaria

    Put the onion in disco?

  161. Araucaria

    I didn't even realize those were all v2. Shame, v3 has been around for so long already.

  162. Amolith

    How would I go about debugging why a/v calls aren't working on my ejabberd server? ๐Ÿค”๏ธ

  163. xorman

    There was a gist from inputmice that detailed it

  164. xorman


  165. Amolith

    Heh that took all of like two minutes

  166. Amolith