XMPP Service Operators - 2021-05-22

  1. BaBa

    How can i join matrix.org room/channel via conversations app

  2. BaBa

    Any easy way?

  3. moparisthebest

    You'd need some bridge or transport

  4. tom

    It's broken as hell

  5. tom

    It's possible

  6. tom


  7. tom

    It'll likely crash your client due to malformed xml

  8. tom

    Matrix devs are too stupid even even generate valid xml stanzas

  9. tom

    Sorry, that came across a lot more harsh then i intended it to

  10. tom

    But i'm not wrong about what i said

  11. tom


  12. qrpnxz


  13. tom


  14. tom

    If a matrix user comes onto one of your mucs, be prepared for it to barg json and control codes into the chat

  15. tom

    Whenever someone quotes any text

  16. qrpnxz

    jesus christ

  17. tom

    *barf json and control codes

  18. tom

    From my friends who use irc heavily, they tell me similar horror storries, that the """matrix federation""" is an absolutely terrible experience for anyone on the irc side as well

  19. tom

    Downright hostile

  20. qrpnxz

    if matrix were friendly it wouldn't even exist in the first place

  21. tom

    I wish more people realized that

  22. tom

    they don't deal with spam either https://cdn.nuegia.net/18fe50e3-1842-4493-9942-4254f6eb7c1c/screenshot_012.png

  23. qrpnxz


  24. Anhydrous

    Matrix should just die along with bifrost

  25. Anhydrous

    I'm pretty decided that I won't ever use it and will stick with xmpp

  26. BaBa

    Well i managed matrix room over xmpp conversations client. Its work well. Just test and the left 😜

  27. BaBa

    Well i managed matrix room over xmpp conversations client. Its work well. Just test and then left 😜

  28. Licaon_Kter

    BaBa: maybe you left https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-bifrost/issues/53 maybe not

  29. BaBa

    Licaon_Kter: yes sir i have read it before. But i checked my element app and found that mr.xyz has left tge room. I mean when i delete all the messages a d delete the group on conversations

  30. Anhydrous

    BaBa, pakistan zindabad, BaBa

  31. Amolith

    What does "domain not verifiable" mean in Conversations? I don't see any errors in either ejabberd or Dino and it was working perfectly fine yesterday

  32. Amolith

    Well now it's back in both Conversations and in Dino. What is going on 🤔️

  33. Licaon_Kter

    Amolith: you have certs for both domains and subdomains? There were some changes in .12 and .13

  34. Amolith

    > File transfer failed 😢️

  35. Amolith

    Yes, I have certs for all of the subdomains and ejabberd reads them fine

  36. Amolith


  37. BaBa

    > BaBa, pakistan zindabad, BaBa For what

  38. 404.city

    > On September 30, there will be a change in how older browsers and devices trust Let's Encrypt certificates, resulting in a minor decrease in compatibility. If you run a typical website, you won't notice a difference. Devices and browsers running up-to-date software will continue working fine, and we've taken steps to make sure the vast majority of older devices will too. If you run a large website, or need to support less common software (particularly non-browser software), you'll want to read about the details at: > https://letsencrypt.org/docs/dst-root-ca-x3-expiration-september-2021/

  39. Licaon_Kter

    404.city: yes, LE changes were advertised, backtracked, redid, for like 6 months already. :)

  40. christian

    Link Mauve: question, is it possible with SVG to show something else depending on the viewport? example small viewport less details?

  41. qrpnxz

    it's possible with CSS :)

  42. christian

    qrpnxz: svg can be styled with css

  43. qrpnxz


  44. rob

    christian: what are you working on?

  45. christian

    rob, complicated, i play with the new media formats svg and webm

  46. rob

    Oh that's fun

  47. christian

    Many people have invested a lot of time. Many calculators have consumed a lot of electricity ... But nothing more.

  48. tom


  49. tom

    I like the X3 root

  50. tom

    Like a furry to tasted a lemonhead