XMPP Service Operators - 2021-05-26

  1. rob

    Started working on terms of service and privacy policy for colloquy, I just borrowed from yax.im to get started. I had no idea what to include

  2. xorman

    can mods delete messages using MIX?

  3. xorman

    rob: I would just state my policies in plain english. Tell where your servers are located, if they are VMs someswhere or baremetal, who has access to them, etc

  4. rob

    Ya I'm going to have a technical page, with stuff like what the server is, where etc

  5. rob

    Started here https://gitea.loranger.xyz/rob/colloquy.ca

  6. Эннифер

    rob: if that gitea is new, I'd switch to git. in case you ever switch to something else

  7. rob

    It's pretty new ya

  8. rob

    I can switch, I can always add a rewrite for now too