XMPP Service Operators - 2021-05-29

  1. mimi89999

    Establishing a secure connection from muc.kaidan.im to lebihan.pl failed. Certificate hash: fb4d13b49f8cbc7c120d17c424c4f9b40e3dfea8af4bbc140b8b2ad76e42902c. Error with certificate 0: certificate has expired.

  2. Martin

    Another job for o.j.n 😂

  3. christian

    > Establishing a secure connection from muc.kaidan.im to lebihan.pl failed. Certificate hash: fb4d13b49f8cbc7c120d17c424c4f9b40e3dfea8af4bbc140b8b2ad76e42902c. Error with certificate 0: certificate has expired. everybody received this?

  4. Martin

    Tried to join a MUC there and my server also complains about the expired cert.

  5. christian

    but why don't the make automatic renew in cron?

  6. Martin

    Cert expiry usually happens when the automation fails.

  7. christian

    but you can place a webhook when it failed

  8. ernst.on.tour

    I place a cron-job which will check the certs every day and if less then 30day lifetime renew it. Additional cron-job is running to check if there are less then 20days lifetime and send xmpp-alert to me if yes

  9. x0n

    hi! is this a good place to ask about transports?

  10. Licaon_Kter

    x0n: transport to what?

  11. rozzin

    Oh—transports are fun! 😁

  12. x0n

    I'm only just beginning my dive into operating my own server. to start with, I looked at some public servers and found one offering a discord transport. how are they doing this?

  13. Kris

    sectrum2 most likely

  14. Kris


  15. x0n

    is this via spectrum or purple?

  16. Kris

    both 😉

  17. x0n

    madness. I come from a trillian -> bitlbee -> matrix background but neither really satisfied me WRT to protocol bridging. so spectrum2 is the end-all of transports?

  18. Kris

    badly maintained and libpurple sucks, but give it a try

  19. Kris

    imho bitlbee without libpurple works better

  20. Kris

    I am hoping that this gains traction: https://gitlab.com/nicocool84/slidge

  21. x0n

    ok, so it's basically the same situation as with matrix? nice plans for version 2.0 of hacky proof of concept protocol bridges that noone ever felt like building?

  22. Kris

    x0n, not exactly the same no. long time ago someone put some serious effort into it, but over time things broke and people realized such gateways are for the most part a futile effort.

  23. Kris

    the youngsters at matrix still need to learn that

  24. Kris

    the only gateway that works great in bioumi (IRC)

  25. Kris


  26. rozzin

    Mmmm. It's been several years since I tried Spectrum2; IIRC I'd wanted it for IRC, and both its normal IRC module and libpurple left something to be desired..., and eventually I ended up with Biboumi which is quite nice.

  27. homebeach

    Will there be Spectrum 3?

  28. Kris

    eta was working on something like that, but recently abanoded it again

  29. Kris

    see the above "slidge" for the most promising replacement, but I think the author also stopped working on it due to time issues

  30. homebeach

    how about having one project usable from xmpp and matrix done in co-operation with people from both networks?

  31. Kris

    matrix works completely different internally, I doubt that would work

  32. Kris

    IMHO I think the best/only option is Matterbridge, despite the hate it gets in some places

  33. homebeach

    what is the usual complaint?

  34. Kris

    users are not transparent

  35. Kris

    and on some legacy networks it looks bad

  36. homebeach

    yes, the problem on matrix side is that there is that ugly relay bot

  37. rozzin

    > the only gateway that works great is bioumi (IRC) Cheogram (SMS and phone calls) also works pretty well.

  38. homebeach

    it does not bridge users

  39. Kris

    homebeach, that is imho why it works. and that is also an advantage from the metadata leak prevention point of view

  40. Kris

    that said, wth user-spoofing it looks quite ok

  41. Kris

    but we are getting OT 😉

  42. rozzin

    > IMHO I think the best/only option is Matterbridge, despite the hate it gets in some places There is also hybridbot, which apparently manages reconnects at least slightly better than matterbridge, and is maybe a little prettier...

  43. rozzin

    There's also a project called xmpp-ircd which creates a "virtual IRC network" front end to an XMPP MUC service.... I started playing with / hacking on and hoping to contribute that recently....

  44. rozzin

    It's... kind of a transport, I guess?

  45. Kris

    yeah xmpp-ircd would be cool, but I think there s no project like that in active development?

  46. rozzin

    It's... quasi-active right now.

  47. rozzin

    I'm running an instance of it, fixing stuff up wherever necessary.

  48. homebeach

    is there some MUC dedicated for talking about transports?

  49. rozzin

    My response to the whole "freenode / liberachat" schism / takeover / moral panic is basically... "uh..., this seems like a good opportunity to get more decentralized, try to start giving up on IRC, migrate to XMPP, maybe add some alternate front-end UIs". Went looking for "some sort of ircd-alike front-end to MUCs", found xmpp-ircd, said "wow this is exactly what I need, it just needs more maintainers... sure, I can be +1"

  50. Anhydrous

    Don't need no stinkin IRK

  51. Anhydrous

    Xmpp is #1

  52. Kris

    I see. this right: https://github.com/moparisthebest/xmpp-ircd

  53. Kris

    nice to see some development

  54. homebeach

    but irc is still where the public content is

  55. Anhydrous

    Its where the maladjusted children live pretending to be kings of castles

  56. homebeach

    children already have their snapchat and tik tok

  57. Эннифер

    way ot

  58. Anhydrous

    homebeach: clearly wasnt enough

  59. x0n

    > ‎Kris‎: the only gateway that works great in bioumi (IRC) so you're saying it's like matrix after all? ;)

  60. Kris

    no, better. the matrix irc bridge sucks in comparison :p

  61. x0n

    I'm not going back to matrix either way. their lead dev is dead-set on a social credit system *and* he wants to implement content filtering by gov.-controlled censorship lists. "for the children". xmpp servers and clients are a lot more mature. not to mention encryption actually works...

  62. rozzin

    x0n: huh. Do you have a link to a write-up on that?

  63. Anhydrous

    Yes please provide that I may plaster the shit out of the internet with it

  64. x0n

    the social credit thing was on HN, on the newvector website there's gotta be a blogpost linking to it

  65. Anhydrous

    Find it

  66. rozzin

    A lot of people involved with a lot of projects and protocol-designs do seem to want that these days... 😞

  67. x0n

    there you go: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24826951

  68. Anhydrous

    I will dedicate my time to plastering anything about social credit system and matrix

  69. rozzin

    "identifying yourself by your blocklist" and "knowing your friends/tribe by the contents of *their* blocklists" seems to have become a popular thing, even.

  70. x0n

    re: the "CP filtering", I asked Matthew in their matrix channel if he wants gov stalkers on his network and he deflected

  71. x0n

    they're incorporated in the UK, so investigatory powers act galore...

  72. Anhydrous

    rozzin, x0n: having a system set up where popular servers can outvote other servers out of existence is entirely what the fuck

  73. x0n

    yeah, that network is fucked. there are some people extending the matrix spec and developing alternate servers and clients, we'll see if they fare better

  74. Kris

    lets start a matrix hater muc (totally OT here)

  75. rozzin

    x0n: did you use loaded language like "gov stalkers" in the question you asked him? 😅 I find it's hard to be sure whether people deflect etc. because of the actual underlying question vs. loaded tone/context... Maybe it's just one of my weaknesses though.

  76. x0n

    rozzin: sorry I'm long gone from the network. don't remember it verbatim

  77. x0n

    basically this happened shortly after the HN post

  78. x0n

    I'm pretty certain I liked this to make my point though: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=I24K8BfV840

  79. Anhydrous

    Kris: I mean, considering omemo is a pretty important part of xmpp, I am super angry about mandatory backdoors.

  80. homebeach

    > <@_xmpp_Kris=2foperators=40muc.xmpp.org:matrix.org> lets start a matrix hater muc (totally OT here) i want to see this

  81. Kris

    homebeach, irony much prosting this from matrix?

  82. Kris


  83. homebeach