XMPP Service Operators - 2021-06-02

  1. Ellenor Malik

    le résinter, c'est facebook (did I do it right?)

  2. Martin

    mimi89999: Is biboumi.lebihan.pl down?

  3. croax

    Martin: Have you checked Freenode is still up and has not migrated to a HTTP interface only now that it's been sold? (Sorry I could not resist)

  4. Martin

    I wanted to join #neomutt on that new liberia thingy.

  5. mimi89999

    Martin, up again

  6. mimi89999

    Forgot to start it after a reboot

  7. mimi89999

    I should fix that overlay one day

  8. Martin


  9. rob

    > I wanted to join #neomutt on that new liberia thingy. I've been on oftc lately

  10. rob

    But I guess Liberia has all of freenode migrated over? Like existing channels etc

  11. Kris


  12. Martin

    Looks like most channels moved from freenode to liberia.

  13. Kris

    needs manual migration

  14. rob

    The channels and accounts are there

  15. rob

    I forget where I saw that post

  16. Харпер

    are there any known incidents where someone was actually OCR'ing (or whatever) captchas for register/muc voice? is anything beyond a basic captcha really necessary?

  17. MattJ

    We closed registration at jabber.org because recaptcha was not enough

  18. MattJ

    We were seeing 200+ spam registrations per day through that

  19. MattJ

    I believe they were probably using services similar to https://anti-captcha.com/

  20. qrpnxz

    i've been toying with using proof of work and other anti-bot measures

  21. MattJ

    I have been very sceptical of captchas ever since

  22. MattJ

    All the solutions are terrible :)

  23. qrpnxz

    i don't want google spyware on my site whether it's effective or not

  24. Харпер


  25. Харпер

    was the spam targeted or just generic?

  26. qrpnxz

    probably targetted

  27. MattJ

    Харпер, they would register lots of accounts, connect bots, and send spam or use them to flood channels/users

  28. qrpnxz