XMPP Service Operators - 2021-06-05

  1. ij

    seems as if xmpp.jp has some issues at the moment with one of its nodes (tokyo.xmpp.jp) and/or its loadbalancer. Tried to contact them via website contact form…

  2. ij

    > Do you have a mastodon or some site to link to you in the Newsletter? ij@nerdculture.de is Mastodon, ij@nerdica.net is Friendica and https://hookipa.net/ is my XMPP service website…

  3. 4223

    Does anyone know if and which v3 .onion will be valid for jabber.ccc.de in the future?

  4. Kris

    maybe something like that would be nice to have for XMPP servers as well: https://github.com/freewizard/fediverse-matrix-keygen

  5. Sam

    IDGI, what does it do?

  6. Kris

    easy onboarding and account management from a fediverse server

  7. Sam

    What does it use the fediverse stuff for?

  8. Kris

    kind of get them where they already are 🙂

  9. Kris

    if you have an existing mastodon or pleroma instance this can be used to easily add a xmpp server I think

  10. Kris

    or rather matrix in this case

  11. Sam

    Oh, is it just mirroring accounts? Like if you have a fediverse account it makes a matrix one for you too so the servers both have the same users?

  12. Kris

    rather that you can selfservice accounts though it

  13. Sam

    Gotcha; if you have a fediverse account it lets you make a matrix account so only people with existing accounts can also be on the homeserver

  14. Kris

    I guess also yes

  15. Sam

    Also? It does something else? Sorry, I'm not trying to be dense, I just didn't understand any of the other things you said

  16. Sam

    And I don't really understand their readme either

  17. Sam

    I mean, I understand self-service account creation, just not what it has to do with Mastodon.

  18. Kris

    it is integrated int mastodon then I think

  19. Kris


  20. Kris

    easy to use for existing users

  21. rozzin

    Kris: I made a connector like that for GNU social.... Need to do some minor work on it to make it support password-changes and maybe registration in the XMPP clients, I think....

  22. Kris

    ah cool, but I guess that doesn't work with anything else?

  23. Sam

    Reading through the code this looks straightforward enough. It would be even easier for XMPP since you'd just create an invite barcode and not have to connect to it as well like you do with matrix

  24. rozzin

    Kris: Well..., I'd guess the equivalent matrix module probably wouldn't work with anything other than matrix either?

  25. rozzin

    Kris: though actually I just made a module for an existing "ejabberd extauth middleware for other things using PHP" package.

  26. Kris

    meant other than Gnu Social

  27. rozzin

    Kris: it works with whatever other back-end modules are implemented; IIRC there was a drupal module and a couple others when I got to it...

  28. Kris

    ah that is pretty nice then

  29. rozzin

    Kris: https://github.com/rozzin/ejabberd-auth-php

  30. Kris

    too bad I recently switched to Prosody though 😉

  31. rozzin

    Huh—just found this as well, which I guess is doing something else... which I don't understand: https://github.com/mitchellurgero/ejabberd_gnusocial

  32. rozzin

    Oh, wow--weird: that script is actually not authenticating against a local GNU social DB like I am, it's actually calling out to *qvitter* to authenticate, *over HTTP*.

  33. rozzin

    Kris: yeah, no idea about how this sort of thing works in Prosody; I'd probably look at the Snikket module or something as a reference.

  34. Sam

    Use easy onboarding instead, that way it's not server specific.

  35. rozzin

    Sam: is it? Like, is there an implementation that just works with the different servers?

  36. Sam

    I don't think you'd even have to talk to the servers. I don't remember how it works, but I assume you'd just give your app the signing key and then it could create invites itself.

  37. Sam

    The servers would get those invites when the clients scan the barcode, then they would verify the signature and create the account however they do that internally.

  38. Licaon_Kter

    This? https://docs-develop.pleroma.social/backend/configuration/howto_ejabberd/

  39. Sam

    Oh drat, re-reading this it doesn't seem like this works the way I thought it did, so you would have to have an admin user on the XMPP server and can't just share a secret. Oh well.

  40. MattJ

    Relatedly: https://blob.cat/notice/9zY7zGONxqCdsFPScq#selected

  41. xorman

    how's the state of MIX and how can I try it?

  42. moparisthebest

    xorman: tigase has the only implementation