XMPP Service Operators - 2021-06-21

  1. tom

    just curious how much spam is coming from matrix.org nowadays

  2. tom

    if it's still a huge problem as it was a couple of months ago

  3. Kris

    it was?

  4. Martin

    Never received spam from there.

  5. Maranda

    tom: spam from matrix.org... On XMPP?

  6. tom

    yeah, on irc too

  7. tom

    not just freenode but the more obscure networks

  8. tom

    spammers have been using matrix.org's bridges to spam other networks by proxy

  9. tom

    I've had to reject incoming s2s connections from matrix.org a few times

  10. Maranda

    I digress never had spam from there

  11. Maranda


  12. Kris

    I have seen the bridge braking a few times and making a mess but actual spam?

  13. Kris

    I have seen the bridge breaking a few times and making a mess but actual spam?

  14. tom

    yeah, especially after the libera.chat drama

  15. Ellenor&c Bjornsdottir


  16. Ellenor&c Bjornsdottir

    I've actually been blocking Bifrosts

  17. Ellenor&c Bjornsdottir

    ever since i discovered hotel california

  18. tom


  19. Ellenor&c Bjornsdottir

    matrix bridges to xmpp

  20. tom


  21. tom

    you mean bitfrost

  22. tom

    no it's bifrost, my bad

  23. tom

    how are you detecting and blocking bifrost Ellenor&c Bjornsdottir?

  24. Ellenor&c Bjornsdottir

    detection is mainly when someone joins one and complains