XMPP Service Operators - 2021-06-24

  1. arcseconds

    mjk: the array's lovely formatting might have been a clue that something was awry...

  2. arcseconds

    ... if you have a lovely 5×5 square representing the letters of the alphabet, you've missed one :-)

  3. rozzin

    So much easier to read than the old array of hex literals.... 🤔

  4. Ellenor&c Bjornsdottir


  5. mjk

    > ... if you have a lovely 5×5 square representing the letters of the alphabet, you've missed one :-) That's part of the amusement: nobody questioned squareness of the English alphabet :))

  6. Ellenor&c Bjornsdottir

    This could've been kept, without compromising this. Add a second assignment.

  7. tom

    is it possible to use mod_filter to deny stanzas to a converence server if the jid contains a slur?

  8. tom

    suck as 'killkikes@networkhell.wtf'

  9. tom

    *such as

  10. Kris

    blabber.im operator here?

  11. emus

    Kris, I don't see them, but what is you question?

  12. Kris

    they seem to plan to shut down their servers on very short notice

  13. emus

    They seem to plan to shut down the server. I try to discuss with them to keep it running so that people can react

  14. emus


  15. Kris

    and I was wondering why transferring it to another operator is not being considered

  16. emus

    Also that

  17. Kris

    ok cool

  18. tom

    blabber.im is shutting down!?

  19. tom


  20. mightyBroccoli

    The website

  21. tom

    not the xmpp server

  22. tom


  23. emus

    Well, I have not much understanding about hosting servers, but I never forget Ge0rG's words: Do not host your own server for others - it is not a hobby thing! - kind of

  24. emus

    tom, the server too

  25. 4223

    Looks like some intrusion.

  26. emus

    intrusion? No, the DB crashed and I guess that was too much at the same time

  27. tom

    i might be interested in taking that on

  28. tom

    maybe, i'd have to look into it

  29. 4223

    Who is reporting this?

  30. emus

    First the admin must agree to it, then we can look for people. But thanks Tom

  31. rob

    I'm happy to help as well if it comes to that

  32. Харпер

    Here is my proof of concept for applying a Bayesian filter to a MUC as discussed the other day: https://github.com/divestedcg/bayebot

  33. tom

    oh very nice Харпер

  34. tom


  35. tom

    I'm currently playing with ~$17,000 worth of raritan's hardware

  36. tom

    I'm very impressed

  37. tom

    and also

  38. tom

    man, this is a bussiness i need to get into

  39. tom

    enterprise grade scalable kvm and pdu solutions

  40. tom

    gpl and agpl licensed software running on appliances

  41. tom

    they are super nice, support dual monitor, 50Hz 1080P with power control and usb storage and drive emulation all from an tml interface or a dedicated console appliance

  42. tom

    remote usb 3.0

  43. Licaon_Kter

    emus: which server software? Backups?

  44. mightyBroccoli

    Licaon_Kter: they used a clustered ejabberd service. I am fairly certain there aren't any public Infos about their internal services like backups e.g.

  45. Licaon_Kter

    Well, public/private/whatever...sad anyway

  46. emus

    Can someone explain me what this means https://github.com/divestedcg/bayebot ?

  47. Харпер

    emus: what do you want to know?

  48. emus

    what is this project about, I dont understand?

  49. Харпер

    it applies a Naive Bayes filter to messages. combined with a list of known good/bad messages it can classify them

  50. emus

    ok thanks!

  51. rob

    Spam detector

  52. emus

    rob: thx

  53. rob


  54. zp1.net

    spam is not bad. it is just a unsolicited offer. but some lonesome people are happy to get spam because they do not get any other communication :)))

  55. anonymoud

    somebody has rats?4

  56. anonymoud

    and slaves

  57. Ellenor&c Bjornsdottir


  58. Ellenor&c Bjornsdottir

    Is blabber xmpp no more?

  59. zp1.net

    Ellenor&c Bjornsdottir: it is closing

  60. anonymoud


  61. anonymoud

    i wanna learn about rats and slaves

  62. anonymoud

    somebody can help?

  63. zp1.net


  64. zp1.net

    anonymoud: what is the blocker?