XMPP Service Operators - 2021-06-25

  1. MattJ

    Channel guidelines are now live: https://xmpp.org/community/channels/operators

  2. Licaon_Kter


  3. Kris

    heh, nce touch with the automatic membership authbot

  4. Kris

    Now I feel super important running my own server 😀

  5. MattJ


  6. Ellenor&c Bjornsdottir


  7. Link Mauve

    Ok, I need to fix the dark theme for this page, the titles are completely unreadable.

  8. jonas’

    noticed that too, haven’t found the time yet to address that

  9. jonas’

    on the bright side (pun not intended) the page makes perfect sense even without the headings, so there’s that

  10. rob

    What's the difference between a member (per authbot) and participant in the room? Or is being a member not visible?

  11. rob

    NM, I figured it out

  12. moparisthebest

    I'm not sure there's any consistency at all between how different clients display all that

  13. rob

    I'm using C atm, I can see participants where some are a member, others 'no affiliation'

  14. Wojtek

    @rob role vs affiliation?

  15. Ellenor Malik

    Member is like how some channels use voice on IRC. (Am i interpreting correctly?)

  16. rob

    Wojtek: ya, that's where I sorted out out

  17. rob

    Wojtek: ya, that's where I sorted it out

  18. rob

    > Ok, I need to fix the dark theme for this page, the titles are completely unreadable. I can read the titles in dark mode. They could certainly be lighter but they are readable on my phone

  19. ernst.on.tour

    Member could read/write, no affiliation has readonly as I remember right.

  20. jonas’

    member vs. no affiliation only matters when the room is set to "moderated" mode. in that case, what ernst.on.tour says applies.

  21. rob

    Makes sense

  22. moparisthebest

    Dino has Owner/Admin/Member/User (that order) and I don't know how that maps to whatever Conversations calls them

  23. ernst.on.tour

    Owner/Admin/Member/Visitor you mean ? Thats the role and rights are linked against it Owner/Admin would be Moderator Member are Member and no affinitilation are Visitors

  24. ernst.on.tour

    Never find a diff between Owner or Admin, both are Mods

  25. ernst.on.tour

    moparisthebest: ^

  26. Харпер

    owner can destroy?

  27. moparisthebest

    Conversations has Owner (Moderator)/Admin (Moderator)/Member (Participant)/No affiliation (Participant)

  28. rob

    And I believe that's the difference between owner and admin, being able to destroy

  29. moparisthebest

    so neither follow this guideline https://docs.modernxmpp.org/client/groupchat/#terminology and it doesn't have language for member

  30. Ellenor Malik

    as well they shouldn't

  31. Ellenor Malik

    That guideline is kinda bad

  32. moparisthebest

    Fix it

  33. a

    i don't understand very well what is written here, but probably it can affect all German XMPP servers https://www.sueddeutsche.de/wirtschaft/cybersicherheitsstrategie-seehofer-1.5332538

  34. Kris

    lets see... it basically talks about mandatory backdoors in encrypted email and messengers, similar to other such current initiatives in the EU.

  35. Kris

    it's a draft law proposal

  36. Kris

    there have been many similar ones over the years

  37. Ellenor&c Bjornsdottir


  38. Ellenor&c Bjornsdottir

    Fuck the EU

  39. Kris

    I think it is mainly a problem since so many people host their xmpp servers on cheap German VPS providers

  40. Харпер

    ala Hetzner?

  41. Kris


  42. rob

    Mines in my house 😊

  43. Kris

    rob, yes ideally that would prevent any such stuff

  44. Kris

    but the VPS providers... well they might be forced to prohibit hosting encryped messengers since they can't really install backdoors in all of them themselves. but it is all speculation at this pont

  45. Ge0rG

    a is gone.

  46. Kris


  47. Menel

    That draft is ridiculous and will not be passed in that form.

  48. zp1.net

    Ellenor&c Bjornsdottir, :(

  49. Ellenor&c Bjornsdottir

    Still a remainer, but god if i'm not disillusioned

  50. zp1.net

    a, there is no content this article .. seehofer is a scarecrow

  51. ernst.on.tour

    Chris, new nick ?

  52. zp1.net

    ernst.on.tour, I noticed that people are looking for responsible for the zp1.net server so I call myself now this way

  53. zp1.net

    now nobody can say that it is not known who administrates zp1.net

  54. ernst.on.tour

    Ah, okay, now you will be informed if someone query about zp1.net

  55. zp1.net

    my english is so bad that even i sometimes don't understand what i wanted to say afterwards

  56. ernst.on.tour

    Hopefully noone will scan for nicks to spam your server.

  57. zp1.net

    my server is absolutly not interesting for spammers because we are boring ppl

  58. xorman

    so blabber.im is closing down

  59. croax

    Question to blabber admin: Why not to have proposed for someone here to take care about a migration plan? Nothing's mandatory but it would probably hurt a (small?) part of the XMPP community.

  60. Kris

    not so small... like 3000 active users. but it seems like this has been discussed and way forward was found. but I don't have any real details

  61. Kris

    not so small... like 3000 active users. but it seems like this has been discussed and no way forward was found. but I don't have any real details

  62. Martin

    >5000 online users

  63. xorman

    did they at least sent a motd to all users?

  64. 4223 (private)

    xorman: no

  65. emus

    Martin: I also think is many more

  66. MattJ

    emus, based on?

  67. MattJ

    A handover to another admin would be ideal, there are many candidates and even offers. I don't understand the reasoning. It hurts XMPP though every time a large server goes down in this way :(

  68. Kris


  69. Kris

    you can go back in time and see

  70. Link Mauve

    Kris, looks to hover around 3000 online users at max.

  71. Kris


  72. Kris

    and given that most probably use the always on blabber.im app, that is probably a good estimate of the total non-abandoned accounts

  73. emus

    MattJ: yes, based on stats

  74. MattJ

    So ~5000 monthly active users, ~3000 peak simultaneous connections

  75. rob

    We need to build an account migrator, export your data from any xmpp account and import to another later. As a bonus you can make backups.

  76. Харпер

    isn't snikket working on that?

  77. rob

    Maybe an option to notify contacts before the move with your new account

  78. rob

    Oh maybe, I'm not aware

  79. rob

    If so, I'll help

  80. rob

    That would be great

  81. emus

    But I think its not entirely the same always. I know many friends having push notification issues and are not logged in cirrently

  82. emus

    anyway a bad story for xmpp here is a good one on the other hand: https://github.com/UWPX/UWPX-Client/pull/159