XMPP Service Operators - 2021-07-13

  1. rozzin

    I originally got the PO box as an easy way of having the post office hold large/expensive items for me vs. having them left in my front yard for someone to walk by and grab. Don't need a big box to be able to receive big items. So with that in mind, it basically pays for itself. And I get an auxiliary mailing address that's not where I live.

  2. rob

    Yes that's a good use for sure

  3. rob

    Here we can use the local post office as an alternative address for free, at least during the holidays

  4. rob

    Yep, all the time https://www.canadapost-postescanada.ca/cpc/en/personal/receiving/alternative-delivery/flexdelivery.page?

  5. rob

    Just for packages

  6. jonas’

    rozzin, the address published via XEP-0157

  7. Ellenor Malik


  8. Ellenor Malik

    seen in my logs

  9. Ellenor Malik

    Jul 13 01:00:20 s2sin5d2b95edb80 info Incoming s2s stream redbull.com->umbrellix.net closed: undefined-condition

  10. Licaon_Kter

    Ellenor Malik: webexconnect...pfft it's not XMPP it's just Jabber, no encryption available

  11. Ellenor Malik

    oh :(

  12. ij

    OMEMO for Jabber ist unlikely to implement: https://ciscocollabcustomer.ideas.aha.io/ideas/WXCUST-I-67

  13. ij

    it’s not that I haven’t tried ;)

  14. rob


  15. rob

    Maybe it just needs more votes

  16. ij

    rob, thx, but I’m unsure about Ciscos intentions about Jabber… some years ago it looked they wanted to abandon the product, but in the meantime it got slightly better again… and lately I also told our AM that Cisco is way behind with Jabber and support of modern XEPs

  17. Ellenor Malik

    they don't federate well

  18. Ellenor Malik

    I'm moving from the songful one to the big blue E. Do I thus have to consider graduating from an invitational server to a public server, since I don't think being invitational is an option on ej?

  19. Holger

    There's no invitation support yet, that's true.

  20. Ellenor Malik


  21. Ellenor Malik

    So, graduate to a public server it is. Or hide register_web behind a password.

  22. Holger

    TBH for my own family & friends server I just create a user with `ejabberdctl`, hand over credentials and tell the user (how) to change their password.

  23. Holger

    But yes that doesn't scale beyond family & a few friends.

  24. rozzin

    Ellenor Malik: there are ways of doing invitations for ejabberd using extauth; I have my ejabberd authenticate against GNU social, for example.

  25. ij

    Friendica & Mastodon here for extauth… and some LDAP based domains

  26. ij

    but I don’t think that’s the same link invitations

  27. Ellenor Malik


  28. Ellenor Malik

    > Holger wrote: > But yes that doesn't scale beyond family & a few friends. My potential audience is around 50 people.

  29. Holger

    You have too many friends 🙂

  30. Ellenor Malik

    Not at all

  31. ij

    Ellenor Malik, do you plan to also offer other services beside XMPP? If so, LDAP as user backend might be a consideration worth… it’s easier to have LDAP right from the start than migrating at a later time. 50 users seems like a reasonable size where LDAP might make sense

  32. Ellenor Malik

    ij: I already run other services; however, they're currently not connected to the Jabber user database.

  33. Ellenor Malik

    I may be in a situation where I do have to migrate to LDAP, which will be a bear.

  34. ij

    yeah, I know… I’m in the same situation currently… ;)

  35. ij

    there are some LDAP solutions where you can have self registration of users…

  36. Ellenor Malik


  37. ernst.on.tour

    My users auth against a phpBB-userbase, roster is automaticily filled with forum-members and therefor nobody ask "where are all the contacts?" Maybe you are able to auth against one of your other services.

  38. rozzin

    ernst.on.tour: hmm..., how do you do the autofilling of the roster?

  39. Ellenor Malik

    ernst.on.tour: I have a Dokuwiki but it's not the most extensive userdb

  40. ernst.on.tour

    I'm using prosody and there is a mod_groups. Each member is member of the group "users" and could see the other users

  41. ernst.on.tour

    mod_groups need a text-file like [users] Member1@foo.bar Member2@foo.bar : Memberlist is exported out of phpBB-userdb

  42. Ellenor Malik

    I need to unify my user databasesp

  43. Ellenor Malik

    I need to unify my user databases.

  44. rob

    Ya I'd like to do that one day. Just for email and xmpp

  45. ernst.on.tour

    > I need to unify my user databases. Okay, as central userdb you could use LDAP ... or a little textfile with user<->sha1(password) 😉

  46. rob

    LDAP sounds hard, but I have no experience with it so maybe it's not

  47. ernst.on.tour

    You need an additional service/server, some configuration, and a lot of time 😉

  48. rob

    Haha oh, so easy enough

  49. rozzin

    I'd really like to autopopulate *avatars* from my GNU social....

  50. ernst.on.tour

    Maybe you will find an old W2k-Install-DVD, there are a lot of keygens for it. Just insert, boot up, install, promote to DC [Next], [Next], [Next]... Finish But you will need an additional (v)Server Never setup ldap on linux, only Novell & MS, sorry

  51. ernst.on.tour

    > I'd really like to autopopulate *avatars* from my GNU social.... You mean take the avatars out from phpBB and use it in xmpp ? Is done with some own modification in mod_groups on my environment.

  52. immah3kk3r

    wassup my h3kk3r bros

  53. rozzin

    ernst.on.tour: yeah, that sort of thing.

  54. Licaon_Kter

    immah3kk3r: not the right place Try to use https://search.jabber.network to find something more akin to your interests :)

  55. rob


  56. ernst.on.tour

    > yeah, that sort of thing. I may give you my modification on mod_groups for prosody but didn't you use ejabberd ?