XMPP Service Operators - 2021-08-27

  1. ij

    is there something going on in China? I got many registrations from chinese/taiwanese IP blocks in the last few days...

  2. Trbl


  3. Trbl


  4. MattJ

    ij, I don't know about the past few days, but in recent weeks the Chinese government has been attacking tech companies from various angles. WeChat closed new sign-ups for a while. It could be related to that.

  5. Trbl

    china is threatening japan to nuke it with nuclear bombs if they defend taiwan from their invasion

  6. Trbl

    just the normal CCP stuff

  7. MattJ

    Trbl, off-topic

  8. Trbl

    well he asked...

  9. ij

    at least those accounts doesn’t seem to be typical bots, although my first reaction was to ban chinese IPs…

  10. mike

    ij: I've got a lot of new Chinese users too. Not many speak English but we've had some Google-assisted chats and they definitely seem to be legit users.

  11. ij

    mike, did you ask what made them using XMPP? Or more likely what was their reason for XMPP... I still find it strange that there seems to be such an interest in XMPP in China... not complaining, just wondering...

  12. mike

    Nah, Google translate spent seem quite useful enough to get a semi complex thing like that across. I might give a shout out, I'm bound to know someone who speaks Chinese enough to get into this.

  13. rozzin

    A lot of people I work with here in the US use WeChat for sourcing electronics components. I feel like kind of a ghoul for saying this in the sort of context presented above, but if there is any sign that people may be starting to migrate from WeChat to XMPP..., that is a fairly influential userbase.

  14. rozzin

    Would be interesting to plot the number of registrations over time....

  15. mike

    Yeah I haven't really separated out any meaningful stats but just looking at new user registration numbers they're significantly up on one of my servers, and aside from the few usernames that explicitly use Chinese characters, they definitely have that kind of look of being Chinese names. I could mine the logs a bit but meh, I've got other stuff to do heh.

  16. mike

    Will see if the concurrent user count stays up over a week or so, or if this is just a passing thing.

  17. rozzin

    Is there software for charting this stuff?

  18. Link Mauve

    rozzin, Prosody has https://modules.prosody.im/mod_measure_registration.html

  19. Link Mauve

    You can use prometheus or any other such tool afterwards to generate a graph.