XMPP Service Operators - 2021-08-30

  1. acidsys


  2. tom

    does anybody know how to contact the authors of vacuum-im?

  3. tom

    I want to ask them how much it would cost for them to fix a segfault issue, implment http-upload, and finish implementing mam

  4. tom

    I really want a solid xmpp client for linux that doesn't look like a smartphone ui and supports some specific xeps

  5. tom

    and, is actually supported

  6. tom

    I don't mind paying money for it

  7. tom

    i just want to know how much it would cost

  8. Jakob

    what about gajim?

  9. Menel


  10. tom

    I'm also looking into astra-chat, since that was a linux client listed on xmpp.org/clients, and it doesn't look like a smartphone ui in the linux versin but the bad old version of skype

  11. tom

    but i'll take old skype ui over modern skype ui or smartphone ui

  12. tom

    Jakob, Menel, gajim after version 0.16.9 switched to gtk3 and committed Ui suicide

  13. tom

    i used to use gajim

  14. tom

    I can't stand it

  15. tom

    I don't want to use anything related to the GNOME3 developers

  16. tom

    that's what i'm trying to avoid

  17. tom

    thati's why i like vacuum-im, psi+, and mumble so much

  18. tom

    if there was something like gajim 0.16.9 i'd like that

  19. tom

    but not modern gajim

  20. moparisthebest

    why not just keep using gajim 0.16.9

  21. tom

    i did, and tried to for a good while

  22. tom

    it's just, gajim 0.16.9 wasn't exactly the most well written thing in the world

  23. tom

    and it was written in python2

  24. tom

    which quickly become unmaintable

  25. tom


  26. moparisthebest

    hmm I wonder why they improved it then... :)

  27. tom

    I really don't want to have to write my own client, i want to pay someone for one

  28. tom


  29. tom

    more like made it 10,000x worse

  30. moparisthebest

    well you said the old version was hard to keep working, so if "continuing to work" is an improvement, there you go

  31. tom


  32. moparisthebest

    anyway, seems like the wrong chatroom to continue this discussion in

  33. tom

    making the UI unusable so that the code base is easier to work on

  34. tom

    for them

  35. tom

    not really my thing

  36. moparisthebest

    well they are the ones doing the work, if you wanted to do the work you could have exactly what you want

  37. tom

    i said I don't want anything GNOME3-related

  38. moparisthebest

    good luck, just don't complain about it, especially here :)

  39. tom

    i will

  40. tom

    it's a problem

  41. tom

    and i'm fishing for information

  42. moparisthebest

    so I'd suggest maybe jdev or something ?

  43. tom


  44. moparisthebest


  45. Holger

    Or maybe ask in xmpp:vacuum@conference.jabber.ru?join

  46. tom

    Holger, thank you

  47. emus

    tom: https://github.com/Vacuum-IM/vacuum-im