XMPP Service Operators - 2021-10-26

  1. creep.im


  2. grrras

    I never got spam from creep.im. But I hear that you can make lots of money with spam. You just need to help some oncle of a princess to transfer some money, right? Where can I sign up?

  3. creep.im

    I heard creep.im is on some spam black lists, and I wonder if those black lists are working at all. people are still whining every now and then...

  4. Martin

    Not everyone is using those.

  5. Martin

    The preferred solution would be to stop the spam and get creep.im delisted.

  6. creep.im


  7. grrras

    And who's gonna help that oncle from this princess? Sounds selfish to just stop their effort for help

  8. creep.im

    not sure if you aware, but creep.im is available in Tor

  9. creep.im

    that's why it's tricky to stop abusive users

  10. grrras

    Don't you get reports so that you just delete the given account?

  11. creep.im

    I never get any reports

  12. creep.im

    operators are lazy

  13. grrras

    Well then no wonder.

  14. creep.im

    it's simpler to just whine here

  15. creep.im

    ah, wait, I got a report from Ge0rG once

  16. creep.im

    was it a year ago Ge0rG?

  17. creep.im

    I swear, I don't remember

  18. grrras

    So we can just fix the issue by sending reports to you I guess. If you see spam, report to admin.

  19. Martin

    > I never get any reports > operators are lazy I never got beyond your captchas if you remember. 😁

  20. Ge0rG

    creep.im: https://github.com/JabberSPAM/blacklist/commit/70c122e02c297803e94aa90b5849d538b269761e

  21. Martin

    And you didn't read your emails.

  22. grrras

    Oh something I also noticed: some admins say you should report to their jid, but they block every message that comes from a person not in their roster.

  23. mjk

    creep.im: > not sure if you aware, but creep.im is available in Tor > that's why it's tricky to stop abusive users Forcing them through the process of asking nicely in a support chat to unrestrict their account seems to be working fine for yax.im. Or would it be too time-consuming due to the number of Tor registrations you get?

  24. grrras

    dismail.de did the same in the past. Also available via Tor

  25. Ge0rG

    mjk: it works because only a few yax.im accounts are registered throuh proxies.

  26. grrras

    dismail.de did the same in the past. Also available via Tor. (Edit: oh, or was that for email? I don't remember.)

  27. mjk

    Ge0rG: maybe that's _because_ of this policy ;)

  28. Ge0rG

    mjk: well, it's not about stopping privacy-aware users, it's about the thouands of bot registrations.

  29. mjk

    Sure, I mean could be spammers are just deterred by that in the first place

  30. mjk

    Assuming they know your server employs such a restriction

  31. Ge0rG

    I think they realized after the first few thousand account regs

  32. mjk

    It's working! :thumb-up:

  33. mjk

    A non-technical implementation of CAPTCHA is still one

  34. mjk

    And is probably best for privacy

  35. Ge0rG

    what I do is neither CA nor PT, it's just CHA.

  36. mjk

    Right :)