XMPP Service Operators - 2021-11-14

  1. Menel

    Does anyone know what's up with 5222.de It seems I can't get a TLS on Port 5222 and 5269. And somebody in the conversations muc tells > Hi, I updated C yesterday and cannot use 5222.de anymore. The compliance tester says "Server doesn't support any of the requested SASL mechanisms: [SCRAM-SHA-1, DIGEST-MD5, GSSAPI, CRAM-MD5, PLAIN, ANONYMOUS]." Any idea what the administration missed?

  2. Menel

    Connecting via direct TLS works on port 443 and 5223

  3. Maranda

    C does GSSAPI/Kerberos? Oh rly?

  4. Maranda thought the only thing supporting that could be Swift IM

  5. MattJ

    Pidgin too I think 🙂