XMPP Service Operators - 2021-12-02

  1. Sapotaceae

    y'all recommended distro? I love Fedora, but ejabberd is a year behind and has numerous issues out of box on f35. biboumi was also recently dropped from repos

  2. Sam

    For a server? I always use FreeBSD, but no real reason other than the package ecosystem tends to be nice.

  3. Sapotaceae

    is it reasonably easy to confine services on freebsd? fedora confines ejabberd by defualt with selinux, I also sandbox ejabberd and biboumi using the systemd sandboxing features

  4. jonas’

    Sapotaceae, fwiw, be careful with that -- selinux may by default only allow outbound 5269 on fedora, which is too limiting given that you can run XMPP on any port thanks to SRV records

  5. Sapotaceae

    been running it like that for a while with no issue

  6. jonas’

    I should move search.jabber.network to a non-standard port again to detect such issues ;)

  7. moparisthebest

    Sapotaceae: I run Arch Linux on all my servers

  8. moparisthebest

    If you want selinux without setting up everything yourself I wouldn't recommend Arch though

  9. rob

    I'm running Ubuntu 🙃 because Docker anyway

  10. andrey.utkin

    Gentoo. I publish my tooling, reuse welcome: https://github.com/decent-im