XMPP Service Operators - 2022-01-29

  1. mjk

    Is everything alright with https://stats.jabberfr.org? I see "If you're seeing this Grafana has failed to load its application files". I do have js enabled in Firefox and it was working in the past, so looks to be a server issue

  2. mjk

    Incidentally, does it have user language or country stats? Or is it too dominated by fr too care?

  3. mjk

    Incidentally, does it have user language or country stats? Or is it too dominated by fr to care?

  4. Link Mauve

    error: Partition / too full: 105808 blocks needed, 0 blocks free error: failed to commit transaction (not enough free disk space)

  5. mjk

    Too much stats? :D

  6. Link Mauve

    11 GiB out of 18 total are from prometheus.

  7. Link Mauve

    Who will monitor the monitoring? :D

  8. mjk


  9. Link Mauve

    mjk, alright, it’s back.

  10. Link Mauve

    And no, we don’t keep stats about xml:lang or IPs, the former might be interesting though.

  11. Link Mauve

    If you feel like making a mod_measure_message_language for Prosody, we could load it.

  12. Link Mauve

    Thanks for noticing, the stats had been broken since the 16th of January and nobody noticed before you. :(

  13. mjk

    > alright, it’s back. It is, thank you!

  14. mjk

    I wanted some fair-ish statistics on the dominant languages used by humans on xmpp, but, short of analyzing words flowing into public mucs, only geoip country would be viable, I guess. (Who sets xml:lang really?)

  15. Martin

    I think gajim sets the lang.

  16. Link Mauve

    poezio too.

  17. Link Mauve

    Every software knows at least the language of the user’s UI.

  18. Link Mauve

    Gajim even has the ability to set it per JID, in order to do spell checking correctly.

  19. Link Mauve

    Maybe I should add that to poezio too. ^^

  20. mjk

    > Who sets xml:lang really? I guess this sorta questions would require such a measurement module. Yay, recursion

  21. mjk

    I actually need this for spellchecking purposes as well (which dics to bundle by default with Dino installer for windows)

  22. mjk

    So, assuming clients correctly reflect spellchecker or at least UI language in xml:lang, it'd suffice to gather xml:lang stats indeed

  23. mjk

    But for now I'll just fall back to my head canon as to which langs are most popular

  24. Link Mauve

    Chinese, Spanish…

  25. mjk

    On xmpp!

  26. mjk

    I don't believe a significant portion of Chinese use xmpp :))

  27. Martin

    In XMPP english, german and french are most popular for regular users and russian for spam (own experience, no big data ^^).

  28. mjk

    Martin: I figured the same!

  29. mjk

    The spam at least should be orthographically written

  30. Martin

    But there seem to be some "real people" from ☭ in the Conversations MUC considering the stra `)` in messages.

  31. Martin

    But there seem to be some "real people" from ☭ in the Conversations MUC considering the stray `)` in messages.

  32. mjk

    (J/k, Russian is pretty high here: <https://search.jabber.network/stats>)

  33. Martin

    But usually if I see cyrillic characters it's spam.

  34. Martin

    > Russian 46 319 Doesn't look "pretty high".

  35. mjk

    Well, it's 5th by user numbers

  36. mjk

    German is listed thrice, should be used very much!

  37. Martin

    And I am not even listed as german, as conversations and profanity set xml:lang to en afaik.

  38. Martin

    So the high number for english is a lie! :)

  39. mjk

    It is, but in reality it's pretty popular/populous anyway

  40. mjk

    Especially en_US, being closest to international

  41. jonas’

    mjk, Martin, mind that that language statistic is based on room language information, *not* on individuals.

  42. mjk

    Yup, am aware

  43. mjk

    jonas’: But what's the deal with German being listed 3 times, each with different stats? :)

  44. jonas’


  45. jonas’

    or so

  46. jonas’

    maybe de, de_DE, de_AT or so

  47. mjk

    I c, suspected something locale-specific

  48. mjk

    Would be good to specify the locales, at least in the page's code

  49. jonas’

    would be better to merge them :)

  50. mjk

    Or that, idk, ianal(inguist)

  51. rozzin

    Huh—"10% of XMPP users use Pidgin" is higher than I had expected at this point.

  52. rozzin


  53. rozzin

    I wonder what that signifies.

  54. Link Mauve

    rozzin, our service has been running since 2003, you will get very different client repartition on other servers.

  55. Link Mauve

    But also, yes, Pidgin is sadly still popular.

  56. rozzin

    Link Mauve: I was thinking "maybe you have a large number of old people newly getting into XMPP or something?"

  57. rozzin

    Link Mauve: or maybe you have a lot of very-long-term users who still haven't found out what they're missing by not having Carbons etc.

  58. Link Mauve

    Probably the latter.

  59. Licaon_Kter

    Link Mauve:

  60. Licaon_Kter


  61. Link Mauve

    Licaon_Kter, sorry, I haven’t been able to look at what was wrong in biboumi so far, it was working from a cursory test from my account.

  62. Jonny

    Hi, anyone familiar with slixmpp?

  63. Menel

    Jonny: xmpp:slixmpp@muc.poez.io?join I suppose some that are there might be familiar with it.

  64. raver

    I'm trying to retrieve the list of registered user's from a server. I found this class: https://github.com/poezio/slixmpp/blob/e56930e0a12b8b5e5117474bd919550e5c6aa930/slixmpp/plugins/xep_0133.py and try to Call await self['xep_0133'].get_registered_users_num(jid=target) (where target holds the xmpp domain). but I don't know what to pass for the 'session' parameter

  65. Jonny

    Menel: thx