XMPP Service Operators - 2022-08-12

  1. kikuchiyo

    Is there an abuse JID for jabber.systemli.org?

  2. kikuchiyo

    > A user of your service joined a public MUC and posted spam: >> This room is full of scum 🗑️ >> Contact xen@jabber.systemli.org if you want my private intelligence and security community. We don't promise higher level of anonymity than any other closed group at the time being. > The MUC: > xmpp:privacyandsecurity@muc.nixnet.services?join

  3. Menel

    kikuchiyo: contact addresses for jabber.systemli.org are - abuse-addresses : mailto:admin@systemli.org - admin-addresses : mailto:admin@systemli.org

  4. kikuchiyo

    Menel: thx, so the admin can't be reached with XMPP and is not here. :(

  5. Menel

    Thats often the case. But I guess you have a mail account